When you’re running a project, the last place you want to be is at a computer desk – away from the site. That’s why we created the GaugeConstruction mobile app, a convenient new version of our cloud-based weather analytics dashboard solution. As site managers, contractors and builders, you can carry the necessary short-term, long-term and post-event weather insights with you during every phase of construction to keep your project on schedule and your crew safe.

Data and analysis where and when you need it

The GaugeConstruction mobile app gives you an on-the-go visualization of weather risks to your construction sites with hyperlocal forecasts, alerts and analysis. Assess weather risk profiles specific to your project’s location, timeline and phase, and estimate lost weather days even before breaking ground.

These optimized insights stretch beyond the worksite. Take the GaugeConstruction mobile app into meetings with clients, stakeholders and property managers to help visualize severe weather’s effects on a jobsite and justify estimates of weather-related delays that might affect budgets and timelines.

Hyperlocal weather alerts for site safety

The GaugeConstruction mobile app offers you actionable information to keep your workers safe across multiple projects.  Plan for dangerous wind speeds at ground level or altitude (up to 490 feet) and set custom alerts to notify you when conditions at any of your sites have exceeded safety conditions or contractual obligations. In the December 2019 update, you will also be able to track incoming electrical storms with our integrated lightning data.

Your worker and site safety are our number one concern — and you can trust the GaugeConstruction mobile app to enable better reporting and on-site decisions during every phase of the project. The solution offers a full 7-day hyperlocal forecast using our proprietary blended model data for temperature, wind, hail, precipitation, heat index and tornadic storms; plus, you can verify contract delays, adjust schedule timelines and document weather-related events with confidence.

30% discount for AGC members

We’re pleased to offer members of the Associated General Contractors of America an exclusive 30% discount on GaugeConstruction. Enter your AGC member ID when you register and get 30% off your annual or monthly subscription.

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Athenium Analytics: build a better future with risk data

Athenium Analytics creates software solutions that empower construction industry leaders to more effectively assess risks, analyze weather conditions, improve operations and document changes at their sites. General contractors deserve the best weather information for scheduling, planning and risk mitigation. GaugeConstruction turns data into actionable insights to increase worker safety and improve the bottom line.