teamthink Envoy™ for underwriting brings automation to evolving QA programs

Athenium Analytics is excited to announce a new version of the teamthink Envoy software designed specifically for managing underwriting quality. teamthink Envoy for underwriting is the newest extension of the teamthink Envoy product line, which originally launched last August for claims programs. Now, exactly one year later, we’re proud to bring all the benefits of QA automation to underwriting teams as well. Like its predecessor, teamthink Envoy for underwriting provides evolving programs with a simple, web-based platform for automating quality assurance audits and reporting.

This new software offers many of the same intuitive features found in the claims version (like the interactive dashboard and automated file selection), but is tailored to the unique needs of underwriters and their quality teams. The key benefits include:

  • Automate your underwriting QA workflow by moving to a secure, web-based platform.
  • Integrate policy data to find and review files directly within the interface.
  • Create audits for each line of business using the questionnaire builder.
  • Select and assign audit files automatically using configurable selection criteria.
  • Prepopulate questionnaire data fields for faster reviews and improved data integrity.
  • Track leakage and adherence to underwriting best practices across the company.
  • Produce actionable insights and drill down to key data points with the interactive dashboard.
  • Identify key trends by collecting, aggregating and analyzing QA data over time.
  • Export reports to PDF or Excel to quickly share results with executives, managers and teams.

High-quality underwriting practices are essential for driving profits and ensuring the overall health of the business. Many insurance carriers will never know how much money they’re losing every year from performance gaps in their underwriting that impact risk assessment, policy pricing, loss and expense ratios. Envoy helps QA programs deploy audits, assess individual and team performance and link root causes to financial outcomes.

teamthink Envoy for underwriting builds on almost two decades of insurance QA pedigree across claims and underwriting. The same web-based teamthink framework is trusted by some of the world’s largest insurance carriers, including eight Fortune 500 companies. Envoy makes it easy for growing teams to yield many of the same insights available to larger QA programs, like quality scores, leakage and adherence to best practices. teamthink Envoy for underwriting can help your organization achieve better outcomes by streamlining tedious processes like policy integration, questionnaire building, file selection, reviewer assignments and tracking KPIs over time. Move beyond complicated spreadsheets and cumbersome in-house databases forever. Learn how teamthink Envoy can help your quality program evolve to meet new challenges.

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teamthink Envoy underwriting QA results dashboard

The teamthink Envoy results dashboard makes it easy to visualize audit results over time and drill down to better understand root causes and individual/team performance.

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