Actionable global weather data with local resolution – that’s not fantasy, it’s the reality of Atlas. Capture the meteorological data your business needs to make the best decisions for your clients and bottom line.

Atlas is the first web-enabled global climate and meteorological database tool built on the Athenium Analytics market-leading weather database. We leverage National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) numerical model analyses, as well as our own proprietary dynamically-blended forecasts, for the most precise and reliable weather data.

62+ trillion
Available historical weather data points

Historical and forecasting  variables

1 km
Resolution of precipitation data

Years of global weather data

24 hours of Atlas analysis

Our ability to intake raw weather data from any source and then deliver it in useful formats is what sets us apart from other data providers. Our weather databases are quality-checked, translated and normalized to provide hourly, gap-free, statistically stable data made accessible for business analytics and solutions.

Atlas gives you access to granular historical and forecast weather data, offering a unique vision of how weather affects organizations both locally and globally. We process and archive 202.9 GB of data per day:

Atlas global weather data chart

  • CFSR: 30 km resolution (updated 4x per day)
  • Forecast: 15 km contiguous U.S. and 30 km global resolutions for out to 191 hours (updated 4x per day)
  • Precipitation: 1 km and 4 km contiguous U.S. and 8 km global resolutions (updated hourly)
  • Temperature/wind: 2 km contiguous U.S. resolution (updated hourly)
  • METAR (processed hourly)

That staggering amount of incoming data is more information than:

  • 60,000 mp3 songs
  • 40 million plain-text emails
  • 50,000 digital pictures
  • 1 miles of stacked books

Atlas processes the equivalent of Shakespeare’s complete works 1.03 million times every day.

The business case for better weather data


Large outdoor events depend on good weather and often require insurance coverage in case inclement conditions cause disruptions. Atlas helps underwriters select risks and calculate premiums based on hourly and daily historical ranges and thresholds.


You wouldn’t operate a crane on a windy day or replace a roof during a convective storm. On site, poor weather can delay operations, cause safety hazards and result in missed schedule targets. Atlas forecast data informs operational decision making to improve project management, documentation and worker safety.


Love Italian wines? Thank Atlas. Vineyards across the Mediterranean count on Atlas historical temperature and precipitation data to inform planting and harvesting decisions. Likewise, U.S. commercial crop farmers need to know how often perils occur to calculate the risk associated with growing seasons and locations.

Visualize the impacts with our infographic or learn more by contacting our sales experts today for a free demo of Atlas or our weather API.

Atlas global weather database & API infographic

Atlas global weather data sources infographic