Athenium Analytics strives to help our clients stay “always ahead” by offering whitepapers that explore the trends, research and science driving the insurance industry forward. As of June 2020, we’ve released 28 insurtech whitepapers that cover a variety of topics, ranging from insurance QA automation and reporting, to mitigating natural hazard risks like flooding, wildfires and lightning. Some of these whitepapers were written by our sales team to address common pain-points, while others were crafted by our scientists to provide deep-dives into the complex technical challenges they’re solving behind the scenes. Regardless of the topic, our whitepapers have been extremely popular – they’ve been downloaded thousands of times over the past year and a half by clients, prospects, partners and even competitors. Below is a list of six of our most popular whitepapers you may have missed. Now’s your chance to take another look and see how you can help drive change within your team and across your organization.

Top 5 benefits of automating your claims audits

QA whitepaper top 5 benefits of automationEven as insurance carriers work to automate tasks across of their claims and underwriting workflows, many organizations are still performing manual QA and compliance audits. A recent survey of small and mid-sized carriers found that a majority of QA audit teams are still using manual tools like spreadsheets to audit claims files. Automating these monthly or quarterly audits will not only improve efficiency, but also yield deeper insights into organizational heath and financial opportunities. Discover the top 5 benefits of audit automation by downloading the whitepaper now.

Take control of underwriting quality and leakage

QA whitepaper - underwriting leakageWhile leakage capture is traditionally the focus of claims quality teams, underwriting teams also deal with leakage in the form is mispriced premiums and policies. And just like claims leakage, underwriting leakage can also have a dramatic effect on your carrier’s financial performance and bottom line. Learn how your QA team can identify, quantify and mitigate underwriting leakage and improve loss ratios across the organization.

Optimizing claims questionnaires during economic uncertainty

QA whitepaper economic uncertaintyBecause of the economic uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many insurers are closely examining their financials and looking for new opportunities to improve ratios and drive profits. Fortunately, regular claims audits are a fantastic tool for uncovering new business opportunities and insights. Learn how you can optimize your QA questionnaires in order to improve performance and drive deeper insights.

Insurtech revolution: the trends & tech changing insurance in the 2020s

whitepaper insurtech trendsAs we begin the new decade, insurance carriers are seeing shifting workplace demographics that are reshaping how companies operate, from the top down. Learn how millennials and baby boomers are influencing office dynamics and changing how leaders lead and teams interact. The whitepaper also explores insurtech trends like AI, blockchain and predictive analytics – and how they’re changing the way insurance carriers do business.

The importance of reporting & KPIs for your QA team

QA whitepaper - importance of reporting KPIsWhile claims and underwriting audits are essential for delivering insights on organizational health, those insights are only useful if they’re seen by the right people. It’s essential that quality and audit teams have a clear and concise way to report key QA metrics to internal stakeholders. That includes not just senior leadership, but also various managers and teams across the business. This whitepaper will help you create a successful QA reporting strategy that tailors your QA metrics for the audience and their unique priorities.

7 Questions to ask before designing your QA program

QA whitepaper 7 questions to askWhether you’re looking to modernize your carrier’s existing QA process or launch a new program from scratch, building a company-wide quality framework can be a tricky process. The good news is our teamthink experts have been working with insurance carriers for nearly 20 years, helping them drive quality, reduce leakage and mitigate operational risk. Athenium Account Manager, Julie Markert, spent years at Liberty Mutual before joining our team. Now she works for some of the country’s largest insurers to help optimize their claims quality programs. In this whitepaper, Julie shares 7 key questions all insurance executives should ask (and answer) before taking the next steps on their QA journey.


We hope you enjoy these whitepapers and suggest you stay tuned for future items. Our science and product teams are always looking for new ways to share the latest industry insights. Want some additional reading on the latest insurtech software, features and trends? Visit the whitepapers section to view all our whitepapers covering insurance QA and risk analytics.