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Quickly identify property risk characteristics with AI-based computer vision and geospatial imagery

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Understand property condition and risk factors before writing business.

Detect property changes to make informed policy renewals.

Process claims faster by assessing weather damage from your desk.

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What if you didn’t have to trade between speed and accuracy when assessing properties and policies?

Put IRIS bots to work for your business.

IRIS is an AI-enabled imagery analytics solution for the P&C insurance industry. Put machine learning technology and an army of computer vision bots to work for your business at a fraction of the cost of an in-person property inspection. The IRIS dashboard delivers automated property risk insights to insurers using high-resolution aerial imagery. IRIS will quickly detect:

  • Risk features, including skylights, solar panels, pools and trampolines
  • Structure attributes, including roof footprint, roof material, roof type, roof condition and vegetation overhang
  • Change detection notifications and updated property attributes

Why Rely on IRIS Geospatial Imagery?

Write Accurate and Low-Risk Policies

Our AI-based computer vision technology delivers fast, accurate and actionable insights for better decision making. Quickly add or renew low-risk policies so your adjusters can focus on higher-risk properties.

Quickly Determine Class of Risk

Determine an applicant’s class of risk before writing business. Access to geospatial property imagery supports more accurate risk analysis at a fraction of the time and cost of sending a field adjuster.

Keep Your Portfolio Up-to-Date

Process more accurate policy renewals at a fraction of the time and cost of a property visit. Receive notifications when IRIS computer vision bots discover changes to a property.

Adopt Cutting-Edge Insurtech Tools

IRIS represents a new generation of insurance technology designed to streamline the claims and underwriting process. Don’t let your organization fall behind with outdated tools.

Verify Weather-Related Claims

Use the IRIS imagery dashboard to reduce costs, processing times and fraudulent claims. Customize your property searches by date to verify if the damage was due to a recent hazard or peril event.

Avoid Getting Hit with the Same Claim

Visualize side-by-side aerial imagery of any commercial or residential property to compare risk factors over time. Verify when a property repair was completed and only pay out valid claims.

Fast, Accurate and Actionable Property Insights
Insights from sophisticated deep-learning algorithms continually improve the speed and accuracy of property analysis
Clear Risk Attributes and Features
Advanced computer vision technology helps insurers identify and interpret residential and commercial property risks. Quickly determine the risks of insuring a property.
Change Detection Updates
Change detection updates help you track risk factors over time and manage your portfolio at a fraction of the cost and time of a property visit

AI Computer Vision

Rely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver fast, accurate and actionable property insights

The power of IRIS comes from its sophisticated deep learning network. Using digital imagery and deep learning models, IRIS bots can review countless aerial images to accurately identify, classify and analyze property risk factors.

IRIS bots have fast-learning capabilities and need fewer images to reach the same high level of accuracy – reducing learning times by as much as 80%. Get faster and more accurate property data using the power of artificial intelligence.

Clear Risk Features and Attributes

Risk attributes and features lists

Determine an applicant’s class of risk with direct access to the property’s features and risk attributes, including:

Structure attributes:

  • Roof footprint
  • Roof material
  • Roof type
  • Roof condition
  • Vegetation overhang

NEW! Roof indicator information now helps users further understand and act upon the contributing factors to roof condition.

Property features:

  • Skylights
  • Solar panels
  • Swimming pools (above and in-ground)
  • Trampolines

Risk attribute and features lists and aerial image comparison

IRIS geospatial imagery change detection for insurance

Use side-by-side imagery comparisons of a single property to quickly visualize changes over time based on your custom search parameters

Change Detection

Avoid surprises. Make more accurate policy renewals at a fraction of the time (and cost) of a property visit with change detection updates.

IRIS provides updates as property attribute changes over time. Filter your search with customizable parameters:

Search by Address: Search based on the address of a single property.

Search by Attribute: Use the attribute menus to select any/all attributes you want to include in your search. Attributes include state, property features, roof condition and type.

Search by Change: Search by state, start/end date and attributes to view any properties that have experienced changes under your custom parameters.

When your search is complete, export the results to a CSV for further analysis.

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