IRIS - Aerial Imagery Analysis

Accurately assess and detect property characteristics & condition through computer vision and high-resolution aerial imagery analysis



Discover the attributes of a residential or commercial property without an expensive visit.

IRIS leverages high-resolution aerial and satellite imagery to deliver unique property risk insights, empowering educated and confident decision making at a fraction of the cost of a property visit. Utilizing patent pending cutting-edge computer vision and change-detection algorithms, IRIS is a simple solution to the complex problem of property risk evaluation. IRIS can also reveal changes in property condition at policy renewal time so there are no surprises.

  • View automated determination of roof footprint, roof material, roof type, roof condition and vegetation overhang
  • Discover various property risk features, including skylights, solar panels, pools, and trampolines
  • Avoid surprises through automated Change Detection; supports risk assessment, fraud detection, and portfolio management
  • Inspect over 70% of the US population areas
  • Document your decisions with our 3 inch-resolution imagery
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