As we celebrate World Meteorological Day, it’s an opportune moment to reflect on the pivotal role that weather data plays in shaping our world. From guiding risk-selection practices and optimizing transportation routes to informing disaster preparedness and risk mitigation strategies, weather information is at the heart of countless decisions made every day.

At Athenium Analytics, we are passionate about leveraging the power of weather data to drive innovation and create positive impacts across our clients’ operations. Our solutions provide historical, real-time, and actionable weather insights that enable businesses and organizations to make informed decisions. Whether it’s optimizing energy consumption, managing supply chains efficiently, or enhancing risk management strategies, our products empower our clients to navigate the complex challenges presented by climate risk with confidence.


Reduce risk with Climate Intelligence

Athenium Analytics has been at the forefront of delivering actionable meteorological intelligence since its inception. Users of Athenium’s weather data and climate intelligence access valuable insights that support climate resiliency and data-driven decision making. These insights include over 250 variables available gap-free across the globe – all land masses, oceans and both poles. From precipitation and temperature to soil moisture and cloud cover, 70+ years of historical meteorological data is available. Over the past few years Athenium has rolled out the addition of climate normals, data which enables users to assess how the climate has changed in regions of interest. Climate normals are generated from 8,000+ global station locations, ranging back to 1950. The data files contain 60+ weather variables, including core variables such as temperature, precipitation, and winds. In addition, there are more unique variables such as diurnal temperature range, growing season days, 100-meter winds, and several radiation parameters. This data is updated every 10 years to gather the most recent understanding of the changing climate, with the latest data covering the period from 1991 to 2020.

Where Athenium’s climate normal dataset is impacting climate risk management:

  • Resiliency planning and decision-making: Climate normal data can help businesses plan and make decisions based on the expected weather patterns in a particular region. For example, a construction company may use climate normal data to determine the best time of year to start a new project or the type of materials to use in a specific location to increase the longevity of the project and reduce waste.
  • Risk management: Climate normal data can help businesses & organizations identify potential risks associated with weather-related events and take proactive measures to mitigate those risks.
  • Energy efficiency: Climate normals can help businesses optimize their energy use by providing insights into how temperature and other weather variables affect energy consumption.

With the addition of climate normal data, businesses and organizations can make more informed, data-driven decisions and identify risks, patterns and changes that could impact operations.  Leveraging historical data and weather analytics will empower organizations to measure, mitigate and manage the increasing frequency and severity of climate-related risks.


Climate normal data

A special shoutout to the Athenium Analytics Meteorology team on World Meteorological Day!

Developing Athenium’s weather analytics and climate intelligence is a team of meteorologists led by Austin Vacek, Director of Technical Meteorology, Jonathan Fairman, Principal Atmospheric Scientist, and Kaitlyn Fons, Sr. Director of Product & Strategic Accounts. The meteorology team has delivered many weather-risk solutions over the past several years, including:

  • Advancing high-resolution severe convective storm data
  • Releasing new hurricane forecasting ensemble solutions
  • Growing Athenium’s historical weather datasets with billions of new data points added each day
  • Incorporating the latest state-of-the-art modeling techniques and datasets into Athenium’s solutions
  • Launching Athenium’s first operational weather desk providing real-time decision support

Athenium Analytics is proud to highlight the work the Meteorology team provides for our clients across the private and public sectors. On World Meteorological Day we celebrate the work that is being done to advance the science and technology driving today’s efforts to measure, mitigate and manage climate risk.

If you’re interested in learning more about Athenium Analytics and its climate solutions, click here.