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Platform for open claims quality

Claims Signal™ is the next-generation open claims quality platform from Aon & Athenium Analytics that enables insurers to identify high-risk claims sooner. Enhance the policyholder experience while achieving a 4-6% improvement in claims indemnity and expenses.

Claims Signal open claim audit software

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Predictive claims. Proactive alerts.

Today’s claims teams are under increasing pressure to improve the customer experience, operate more efficiently and mitigate leakage. Routine quality audits are effective at identifying root causes and deviations from best practices—but audit results may not be available for weeks or even months after claims are closed. What if you could monitor open claim files and address quality issues before they affect outcomes?

The Claims Signal platform from Aon & Athenium Analytics uses artificial intelligence to analyze open claims, spot potential issues and push instant alerts so your front-line managers can intervene before a claim is closed. Reduce claims leakage by up to 4% with predictive analytics and proactive alerts.

Assess adherence to best practices to determine the appropriate claims handling actions needed to improve quality & avoid poor outcomes.

Identify claims handling patterns resulting in opportunities for improvement in customer service, operational efficiency & indemnity results.

Analyze output and performance trends across more than 30 dimensions by analyzing open claims with advanced predictive claims analytics.

Intervene early by configuring automated open claims alerts that allow supervisors to spot problematic files & perform corrective steps to improve outcomes.

Correct risky claims before they close.

Claims Signal is a web-based claims platform that monitors open claim files to help insurance carriers find and mitigate high-risk characteristics before they affect the bottom line. Claims Signal uses AI and natural language processing (NLP) to continually mine open claims for potential leakage, improvement opportunities and deviations from best practices. 

Claims Signal analyzes both structured and unstructured data across thousands of open claims to provide sophisticated insights and simple alerts your managers can act upon.  This early intervention can significantly improve overall claims quality and outcomes, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing claims leakage by 2 – 4% of paid loss across your organization.

Claims Signal Open Claim Audit Alert Software from Aon & Athenium Analytics
Analyze claims

Analyze all your open claims

Claims Signal monitors 100% of open claims to provide a full snapshot of claims health. Analyze trends across 30+ dimensions for clear insights on individual & departmental performance.

configure open claim alerts

Configure alerts & thresholds

While Claims Signal continually monitors open claims in the background, you can configure alert thresholds and frequency to ensure the notifications you receive are directly relevant to your goals.
improve quality & outcomes

Improve quality & outcomes

Real-time alerts allow your managers to perform corrective actions early, before errors affect overall outcomes. This early intervention can improve client satisfaction and reduce leakage by up to 4%.

Dig-in to the data: How open claim audits can improve your bottom line

open claim audit whitepaper - Claims Signal

Learn how AI-driven open claim analysis can reduce leakage by up to 8%

The Claims Signal platform was developed based on years of claims consulting data from Aon Inpoint and directly addresses key issues faced by most teams across the auto and property lines of business. This whitepaper discusses how open claims AI can dramatically reduce leakage and also help managers save up to 33% of time by reducing traditional QA tasks like diary review and file audits. Download the full whitepaper to dig-in to the claims leakage and efficiency data. 

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Watch the Claims Signal open claim audit webinar

Join Athenium Analytics and Aon Inpoint as we discuss our exciting new collaboration and launch of the open-claim alerting platform, Claims Signal™. The webinar is hosted by Cyrena-Marie Arnold, VP of Customer Success at Athenium Analytics, and Mike Cummings, Principal and Associate Partner at Aon Inpoint. Cyrena and Mike host a Q&A style session to share details about the collaboration and preview the Claims Signal™ platform, discussing key features and benefits, as well as the development roadmap. Original air date: October 28, 2020.

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Insurance open claim audit quality webinar

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