Hurricane Forecast Analytics and Alerts for Insurance

See tropical storm paths further out with 10-day forecasts

Understand property exposures with early hurricane alerts

Process claims faster with hurricane path and intensity forensics

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Plan Your Hurricane Response with 10-day Forecasts

Our proprietary 10-day hurricane forecast blends 94 ensemble members from 3 models into a single, actionable forecast that extends 5 days further than the NOAA National Hurricane Center.

Track Your Policy Exposures
in Real Time

Tropical storms change rapidly; a small shift could suddenly put thousands of policies at risk. Use hurricane analytics to track your exposures in real time and receive regular alerts when conditions change.

Settle Claims Faster
with Post-Event Analytics

Insurers may struggle to quickly file First Notices of Loss and triage claims after a major hurricane. Our post-event forensics tool provides hyperlocal hurricane analytics to map the areas hardest hit.

A Single Dashboard to Help Insurers Manage Hurricane Season

The Athenium Analytics hurricane response suite is the premier hurricane analytics tool for insurers to track, plan, alert and triage major tropical storms and hurricanes. Our software includes extended 10-day storm forecasts, daily hurricane alerts, post-event weather forensics and aerial imagery for the hardest hit areas. Our tools provide everything you need to manage resources and claims before, during and after a major hurricane makes landfall.

As many insurers struggle to assess the growing risk of hurricanes and flooding on their portfolios, see how some of the world’s largest carriers are turning to predictive analytics and forecasting tools from Athenium Analytics to manage their natural hazard claims and underwriting.

Hurricane tracker for insurance carriers

Forecast Hurricanes 5 Days Further Out

Our proprietary 10-day hurricane forecasts combine data from multiple models to provide more accurate forecasts of tropical systems further out. Plan and react faster with hurricane analytics.

Identify and Alert
Policy Exposures Faster

Combine advanced hurricane forecasts with all your policy data to quickly map high-risk property exposures near a hurricane’s path. Alert policyholders and allocate resources to limit your post-storm liabilities.

Verify Weather-Related Insurance Claims

Our hurricane analytics provide accurate post-storm data for rain, wind speeds and more. See how your properties were affected. View post-storm maps and overlay policies to quickly identify and verify claims.

Blended Forecast Algorithms

We Combine 94 Ensemble Members from 3 Models into One Simple Forecast

Athenium Analytics leverages data from the NOAA Global Forecasting System (GFS), European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting (ECMWF) and Canadian Meteorological Centre (CMC) to produce proprietary blended forecasts in our BeaconHurricane solution. Our proprietary blend demonstrates forecast skill that is as good as or superior to any model alone, with more accurate forecasts and peril-based alerts.

When billions of dollars are on the line, more insurers trust Athenium Analytics to provide superior hurricane forecasting and alerts. Our 10-day hurricane forecasts helps you better understand policy exposures and mitigate losses before a storm hits.

hurrican irma raw hurrican irma Athenium Analytics forecast accuracy

The screenshots above from Hurricane Irma compare our proprietary forecast versus various other “spaghetti" forecast tracks from other models. The black line represents the actual path of Hurricane Irma; the colored line shows our custom forecast 6 days before the storm made landfall.

View Policy Exposures

Policy Locations with a Hurricane's Latest Path

Upload and overlay your policy locations securely in the BeaconHurricane dashboard to visualize portfolio exposures along a hurricane's path before and after landfall.

Mapping hurricane exposures for insurance
Hurricane Florence Insurance Policy Map

Hurricane Florence rainfall visualized in DexterHurricane

Dexter weather verification logo

Identify Policy Risks with DexterHurricane

Verify Weather Conditions at a Granular Level

The DexterHurricane weather forensics dashboard provides granular, post-storm data to help insurers assess and manage hurricane claims with accurate maps, observed reports, aerial imagery and hyperlocal data.

Overlay policy exposures, view total insured value (TIV) in the storm path and peril severity to quickly understand which policies were hardest hit with rainfall, wind gusts, sustained winds, tornadic storms and hurricane surge flooding.

Hurricane Alert email for insurers

Hurricane Forecast Alerts

Receive Custom Forecast Alerts when a Storm Is Imminent

Hurricane paths and intensities can change rapidly due to any number of factors. Sign up for BeaconHurricane alerts to receive emails with the latest storm conditions and potential impacts to your property exposures, custom built by our expert meteorologists.

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Use Case and Testimonials

Helping Clients Manage Hurricane Florence

When Hurricane Florence was forecast to make landfall in the Carolinas in September 2018, a top 25 P&C insurance carrier turned to the Athenium Analytics hurricane response suite to view their high-risk policies, quickly identify the hardest hit neighborhoods and triage claims accordingly.

Insurance Executive

Top 25 P&C Insurer

``The product was very responsive and user friendly. It helped us identify potential exposures and we liked the flexibility of being able to cull out lower wind speed, rainfall etc. amounts in order to narrow our searching to the risks more exposed to the worst weather. We were also impressed during Florence with the 'real time' storm track updating. As you may recall, that storm was originally forecast to move through NC and up into the Chesapeake Bay area of VA. Instead, the storm took an uncommon turn to the south and instead impacted the NC/SC border area most primarily. The fact that the tool was agile in updating in real time, really helped us better understand our actual exposures.``

Software Screenshots

How can hurricane analytics and alerts help your business?

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