Meet the Company Canines of Athenium Analytics

Office space is where business ideas come to fruition, where innovations are born and relationships are forged. At Athenium, Analytics, we believe that having a relaxed environment fosters the creativity our employees need to perform their best. We take our work as seriously as we take our play – and, more often than not that includes a dog sniffing around your feet while you type.

Dogs are an integral part of our culture here at Athenium Analytics. We offer employees the option of bringing their furry best friends into the office to play with other pups, get lots of pats or just cuddle by our feet while we create our innovative risk assessment solutions for businesses around the world.

When you visit our offices, here’s who you might meet:

Meet Gwen, Athenium Analytics’ original office dog! She started in 2015 at only 10 weeks old and has grown into a cool, calm and collected pup. She exhibits role model behavior, loves walks without a leash, and only chases squirrels sometimes. Gwen is often included in new-hire meetings with her person Cyrena-Marie Arnold, our VP of customer success; interviewees describe her style as “tough, but fair.”

Winston is an attentive King Charles cavalier whose adoring owner – Buzz Lopez, our manager of product sciences – loves to take him on adventures: boat vacations, ballgames and plenty of relaxing in sunbeams. It’s impossible not to coo over this gorgeous little guy when he visits the office.

Venus the Great Dane is intimidating at first sight, but don’t let that fool you. Adopted by our senior director of strategic products, Josh Watkinson, she loves bugs but is afraid of pretty much everything else. Just don’t leave your coffee unattended – Venus loves a good dark roast with cream and sugar.

Koda the husky, adopted by data scientist Becky Karner, is a local favorite and a rascal of the highest order. His office hobbies include “burying” his toys, sprinting around the office and wrestling with other office pups. Life at the office is exhausting for Koda! Don’t let his quiet demeanor fool you: He’ll holler if you tickle his toes.

Meet Diesel, the chihuahua adopted by operations manager Mallory Hubbard. Diesel loves long walks despite his short legs and to “help mom work.” The fastest way to win this sweetheart over is definitely through food.

“Get in your bucket!” are Kira’s favorite words, because it means she gets to go for a ride to the office with Karlene Kiskinis, our design manager, and visit her brother Jonathan, our business development manager. This spunky little pup loves to lay on the office turf and loyally follows Karlene into meetings.

Sweet Stewie is a poodle-Pomeranian-terrier mix who was rescued from the Tampa Humane Society by Mike Bennett, our VP of sales. Stewie struts around our D.C. office carrying his favorite toys: Depending on his mood, it’s either his blue octopus or fluffy donkey.

Winnie is a two-year-old long-haired miniature dachshund that works with Jonathan Kennedy, our meteorologist and product manager out of South Carolina. She loves to take naps and play fetch, especially with her favorite tennis ball. She is locally famous for her noisy yawns.

Our all-American mutt Lexi was rescued after being abandoned on the side of the road in Mississippi at 6 weeks old. She now lives the good life with mom Lindsay Gray, our VP of earth sciences, playing fetch and running alongside her dad’s mountain bike.

Riley the Bernese Mountain Dog is the Dover office’s gentle giant. She sits on your feet and loves to sleep the day away on her pillow next to our manager of product sciences, Kevin Daheny. Sometimes she gets lucky and gets some pizza crust from our coworkers, her favorite treat!

Having your best friend curled up at your feet helps strengthen our culture and gives our employees the peace of mind that their dogs are welcome, loved and cared for at all times. And the joy these pups bring to our office? You can’t put a price tag on that.

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