Develop an insurance audit program that drives claims & underwriting success

Original Air Date: Wednesday, February 23

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As claims and underwriting workflows become increasingly automated, it’s more important than ever for insurance quality teams to build processes that can deliver on-demand business insights and drive growth. Join Athenium Analytics as insurance veteran and process improvement expert, Christina Guzman, discusses her insider tips on how to develop a more agile and data-driven quality team. Discussion topics include:

  • Common roadblocks faced by small & mid-market carriers
  • Addressing pain-points faced by evolving quality teams
  • Enhancing communication across teams
  • Aligning quality & compliance goals with claims/underwriting
  • Optimizing your QA team & resources to support company KPIs

This session is built for all quality-focused insurance executives, no matter your department or seniority. Whether you hail from a small insurer who’s developing a program from scratch, or a multinational carrier with a sophisticated audit program, Christina and Garnet can provide insights and best practices to help your team evolve.

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About the hosts

Christina Guzman is the director of insurance strategy at Athenium Analytics and previously served as a customer success manager. As part of her role, Christina works with some of the nation’s top insurance carriers to help implement and enhance their claims and underwriting audit programs. Before joining Athenium Analytics in 2019, Christina spent over 23 years in the insurance industry, working in claims and quality assurance for a range of national, regional and specialty carriers. Christina is a graduate of the University of Texas, San Antonio and provides a unique perspective as both a QA consultant and a former teamthink user.

Garnet Glover is a senior vice president of sales at Athenium Analytics and has 30+ years of experience across the insurance industry, including roles as a claims manager, sales leader and insurance consultant. His expertise includes designing and implementing audit programs, automating business process improvements and leading training programs. Garnet collaborates with clients across the insurance industry to develop superior QA and audit technology solutions that optimize and transform their QA processes.

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