Forecast automation and alerts

Mitigate loss from severe weather and natural hazard events with extended forecasts and early alerts for custom perils.

Better serve agents and insureds.
Plan and manage resources for severe weather.

Beacon is a global weather-alerting, early warning and customer-targeting platform. This rule-based forecast notification system enables you to communicate specific weather conditions and risks up to seven days in advance. With hourly forecasts available for anywhere in the world, users can pinpoint specific weather events and thresholds and alert stakeholders automatically about threats to key assets, locations or policy holders.

Customize alert frequency and thresholds for a variety of weather perils, all available via email: extreme cold, extreme heat, hail, snowfall, frost, freezing rain, rainfall, wind gusts and sustained winds.

Leverage our 90+ member super ensemble model of tropical storm and hurricane path and intensity – overlaid with your policy locations!

Add your own brand and message content to increase value to your policyholders.

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