Dover, N.H. – March 31, 2022 – Athenium Analytics, a leader in climate intelligence and enterprise risk analytics, has partnered with Duck Creek Technologies (Nasdaq: DCT), a top provider of SaaS insurance core systems, to deliver natural hazard risk scores that help carriers manage climate and property risk across the U.S. Beginning this month, Athenium will offer its proprietary risk scores through the Duck Creek Content Exchange via an Anywhere Enabled Integration, allowing underwriting teams to seamlessly analyze nationwide policy risk and write smarter business in a changing climate.

Tim Rush, Athenium’s Vice President of Global Partnerships, said:

“As severe weather and catastrophic losses increasingly threaten the financial health of insurers, Athenium Analytics is committed to providing the data-driven insights carriers need to become more climate resilient. Partnering with Duck Creek not only expands access to on-demand climate intelligence for insurers, but also lays the foundation for delivering process optimization and more sophisticated risk analytics in the future.”

Athenium’s natural hazard analytics provide intuitive risk scoring for 12 separate perils, including flood, wildfire, hurricane and severe convective storm events that impact loss ratios every year. These nationwide risk scores are built from decades of historical climate data and offer high-resolution coverage ranging from 15 kilometers down to 10 meters, depending on the peril. This allows underwriters to search any residential or commercial address and immediately receive actionable scores based on the frequency and severity of hyperlocal weather.

Robert Fletcher, Head of Global Solution Partnerships at Duck Creek Technologies, added,

“Athenium Analytics is an industry leader in climate intelligence, and this partnership arms our insurance clients with the intelligence they need to enhance underwriting workflows, portfolios and combat losses from severe weather.”

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