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Assess hyper-local peril severity.
Visualize post-event exposures.
Verify natural hazard insurance claims.

Dexter is a web-based weather forensics dashboard that helps insurers verify and manage weather-related P&C and crop insurance claims. The Dexter claims tool combines multi-dimensional weather data, hyper-local (0.3 square mile) resolution, and nationwide coverage to deliver the most comprehensive peril verification software available today.

Upload policy and claims data securely into the dashboard to visualize natural hazard events along with local portfolio exposures. Dexter’s core perils include: hail, wind, rain, snow, sleet, and tornadic storms. Optional add-ons include Wildfire and Hurricane tracking.

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Verify P&C insurance claims within hours after a storm
Dexter helps insurers validate severe weather claims down to the neighborhood. Watch this short video to learn how Dexter can help you streamline your claims process.

How Does Dexter Weather Forensics Software Streamline Insurance Claims?

  • See accurate storm data and paths within hours after a severe weather event anywhere in the contiguous United States.
  • Upload and overlay portfolio and policy data to facilitate rapid CAT and sub-CAT responses after major storms.
  • Visualize your portfolio to assist with exposure management, loss mitigation and historical loss analysis.
  • Generate hour-by-hour weather reports for key variables like rainfall accumulation, hail size, temperatures, wind speeds and more.
  • View Enhanced Fujita scale (EF-scale) intensity ratings for tornadoes along with tornado paths, damage swaths, and damage points.
Dexter hail size verification software

Track hail size variations down to the neighborhood to verify P&C claims.

Analyze hyper-local weather events from across the country

Hour-by-Hour Peril Reports

Download hour-by-hour weather reports for any location and peril. Export weather charts and time graphs to include with your claims, files and audits. Choose any location to see hourly snow accumulations, rainfall totals, hail sizes, wind gusts and more.

Gap-Free Weather Data

Improve claims decision making with gap-free, high-resolution weather data for hail, rainfall, freezing rain, snowfall, wind gusts, sustained winds, tornadic storms, temperatures and wildfires. Our 40-year historical weather database provides nationwide hazard data at your fingertips.

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Snow and Freezing Rain

Analyze snowfall and ice storm details to verify P&C claims

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Tornadic Storms

Review near real-time storm tracks and EF-Scale severity ratings

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Straight-Line Wind

Track hourly wind speeds, gusts and daily maximums

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Verify local rainfall accumulation down to 0.3 square miles

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Confirm extreme temperatures (for heat and cold) at any location

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Hail Storms

Verify hailstone size variations and hail storm severity

Mike Smith

Senior VP, Claims at Union Standard Insurance Group | a Berkley Company

``Using Athenium Analytics pre and post storm tools has significantly improved our ability to prepare for an event and respond to our customers by allocating resources to those who need it the most first.``
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I upload my policies to Dexter?

Dexter offers two types of uploads: Assisted and Manual. Assisted uploads allow users to securely integrate their policy data (free of PII) with Athenium Analytics products. Our team can format and upload your policy and claims data, as well as establish connections for regular data updates. There is no size limit and the data is accessible any time you use Dexter.

Manual uploads allow users to import policy data themselves by uploading a .CSV file inside the Dexter interface. The manual upload process supports up to 50,000 lines of policy and location data. Manually imported .CSV data will disappear when the user logs out, therefore the file must be re-uploaded during each new session.

How does Athenium Analytics source Dexter's hail data?

Dexter hail insights are created with data from a variety of sources, including the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Data sources include hail estimates produced by the Multi-Radar/Multi-Sensor system (MRMS), the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) and the National Climatic Data Center (NCDC).

Athenium Analytics algorithmically aggregates multiple data sources to provide the most accurate estimate of hail size at the highest resolution available.

Are wildfire events available for review in Dexter?

Yes, users can review wildfire events by name going back to March 2017. As with all other perils, the area of impact is plotted on a high-definition map and policy data is integrated within the application. Reports with maps can also be exported as PDFs.

Can Dexter Reports be created for time periods longer than a single day?

Yes, Dexter Event Reports provide granular weather data for a single day, but you can also create a Seasonal Report using a user-defined start and end date or a Historical Report which provides all historical occurrences for each peril at a specific location. Downloads and exports are available for each type of report.

Can reports be downloaded for more than one location at a time?

Yes, using Dexter Batch Reports, a user can upload up to 50,000 locations and dates through a CSV formatted file and determine whether any of eight perils occurred.  Each incident can then be further investigated through Dexter Reports individually.

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How can Dexter weather forensics help your claims team?

Learn more about the proprietary algorithm Athenium Analytics built to measure hyper-local wind speeds in Dexter.

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