Dexter - Weather Peril Verification

Validate & visualize peril-related insurance claims and policy data with granular, localized post-event forensics & weather verification software.



Evaluate post-event exposures. Triage claims. Investigate precise peril severity.

An innovative new method of verifying weather related P&C insurance claims as well as verifying weather related crop insurance claims. Our scientific focus on severe convective storms gives you unprecedented 0.3 square mile resolution and unmatched historical information on the perils which most affect your bottom line.

  • See accurate event analysis and storm tracks within hours after a potential loss
  • Integrate your portfolio and policies to facilitate rapid CAT and sub-CAT response, exposure management, loss mitigation and historical loss analysis
  • Improve your claims decision making with our gap-free, comprehensive high-resolution coverage across the United States for: hail, rainfall, freezing rain, snowfall, wind gusts, sustained winds, tornadic storm, temperature and wildfire
  • In addition to our near-real time tornadic storm tracks, Dexter Tracker now provides the Enhanced Fujita scale intensity rating for tornadic storms, identifying the tornado’s path, damage swath, and damage points associated with the storm.
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