Discover best practices from high-performing insurance audit programs

Original Air Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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How does your current claims or underwriting quality process stack up with the industry’s top insurance carriers? Athenium Analytics is fortunate to work with best-in-class insurance carriers from across the industry. And while each insurer is unique, their audit programs all face similar challenges: how to efficiently reduce claims leakage and drive operational improvement at scale. After working with QA leaders for almost two decades, we’ve discovered some best practices that separate average quality programs from industry leaders. Is your quality program delivering the insights you need to reduce leakage and drive continuous improvement?

Join us as we discuss 6 Secrets from Highly Effective Quality Programs. Host, Julie Markert, discusses best practices we’ve seen from high-performing QA programs of all sizes and specialties. Topics include QA program evolution, audit frequency, reporting and dashboard access, defining quality benchmarks and more. Discover what your team may be missing to drive results in 2021.

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About the host

Julie Markert is a QA account manager at Athenium Analytics and works with some of the nation’s largest insurance carriers to help evolve their quality assurance programs using teamthink software. She specializes in quality program design and teaching insurance leaders how to build quality programs for continuous improvement. Before joining Athenium, she spent 13 years at Liberty Mutual working in various areas in personal lines insurance including; distribution, product, and claims quality analytics and strategy.

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