teamthink Envoy™ brings QA automation to smaller insurance carriers

teamthink Envoy insurance QA results dashboardAugust 12, 2019 – Athenium Analytics is proud to announce the launch of teamthink Envoy™, a web-based claims audit and analytics suite for small and regional insurers. teamthink Envoy enables smaller QA teams to streamline their claims reviews by automating many of the time-consuming processes associated with manual audits, including claims integration, file selection and the reporting of key metrics.

Working with insurance carriers for nearly two decades, we’ve learned that every insurer has a different take on QA. The nation’s largest carriers typically have sophisticated audit programs that involve thousands of handlers, managers and reviewers. For these larger carriers, a premium QA solution like teamthink® offers all the features and customization they need to drive performance improvement at scale.

But not every organization has the resources (or need) for an enterprise-level QA implementation. In fact, there are hundreds of small, regional and specialty carriers across North America whose audits are managed by fewer than 20 people — in many cases, a single claims manager may review files as only a small part of their job. teamthink Envoy helps these smaller QA teams get better results from their audits by replacing manual spreadsheets with a web-based suite of automated QA tools.

Replacing spreadsheets & in-house audit tools forever

General business software (e.g., Excel and Access) is widespread, but not designed to handle insurance audits. Without basic functionality like claims integration, file selection or real-time results, these applications turn QA reviews into a tedious nightmare for teams who are already stretched thin. But despite that, these programs are still the most common tools used to manage audits by smaller QA teams. teamthink Envoy allows insurers to eliminate their outdated manual audits once and for all. It simplifies the QA process to deliver faster audits, better data and clearer insights.

teamthink Envoy helpers smaller teams streamline QA by:

  • Automating manual QA tasks within a single online interface
  • Integrating claims data to review files within the interface
  • Creating audits for each line of business using a customizable questionnaire builder
  • Choosing and assigning audit files automatically using configurable selection criteria
  • Prepopulating questionnaire data fields for faster reviews and improved data integrity
  • Producing actionable insights and drilling down to key data with the interactive dashboard
  • Identifying key trends by collecting, aggregating and analyzing QA data over time
  • Exporting reports to PDF (or Excel) to share results with executives and teams

To learn more about how teamthink Envoy can help streamline your insurance QA program, visit the resources below:

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