Your QA processes need strong data integrity to improve business performance and drive meaningful QA insights. When your existing QA tools are outdated or inefficient, they cannot provide the data or insights needed to significantly impact your bottom line. Here are the top 3 reasons why manual insurance audit tools (e.g., spreadsheets and databases) are hurting your carrier:

1. Poor data quality

Manual solutions introduce human error into your QA process, and inconsistent protocols across multiple formats can degrade your data quality and integrity.

2. Misappropriated resources

Involving IT in your audit process takes valuable time away from your team and the IT department, leading to longer wait times for reviews and reports.

3. Lack of flexibility

Manual solutions lack the flexibility to efficiently make edits, aggregate data for reports, capture leakage and identify root causes.

For the complete list, see our infographic, “5 Reasons Why Manual QA Tools Are Hurting Your Insurance Business”:

insurance QA tips infographic


The solution: QA automation

teamthink insurance QA softwareAudit preparation should not take as long as the actual review. By reducing or eliminating the cumbersome process of manually inputting and verifying data, your QA team can significantly reduce and optimize labor hours, increase audit efficiency and deliver better insights to executives.

teamthink® is the world’s most popular insurance QA suite for managing claims and underwriting reviews. It replaces spreadsheets, databases and legacy QA systems to help your team manage audits with greater speed, volume and accuracy. Its comprehensive analysis and reporting tools deliver actionable insights that help insurance leaders drive company-wide performance.

Is your company still early in its QA journey? Learn more about teamthink Envoy™, the software designed to help insurance QA teams replace manual QA processes with simplified automation.