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At Athenium Analytics we aim to go beyond business and use our best-in-class analytics tools to better the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people. Using our advanced weather forecasting tools and partnering with FarmersFirst: Africa we have been able to improve the lives of subsistence farmers throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

Farmers everywhere need timely and accurate weather and climate information to make the most of their daily planning. But the quality of weather data sources, access to communication technologies, and meteorological literacy vary from country to country, and climate to climate. FarmersFirst: Africa’s mission is simple – provide timely, accurate weather information to farmers at no cost to increase productivity and allow them to take hold of their economic future.

Each of FarmersFirst: Africa’s country programs are unique and each brings together the ‘three legs of the stool‘ – best-in-class global tropical weather forecasting, ground truth data, and local partnerships that provide scalable distributed internet communication technologies (ICT) to reach farmers where and when they need it.  Across the board, FarmersFirst: Africa takes a user-centered approach to break down barriers to access, understanding, and utilizing advanced weather forecasts.

By supporting FarmersFirst: Africa, you are investing in data technologies that give farmers the capacity to determine their own economic future. With your contribution, you are directly impacting the lives of farmers and their families. You can help communities flourish and become self-sustaining by donating or partnering with FarmersFirst: Africa today. FarmersFirst: Africa is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization located in New Hampshire

Farmers know their soil. We give them the information to know their climate.

FarmersFirst: Africa aims to:

  • Empower subsistence farmers with timely, relevant, and actionable weather information to improve field productivity.
  • Develop an effective and sustainable weather forecasting/alert program in rural and developing contexts.
  • Increase meteorological literacy through education and university partnerships.

FarmersFirst: Africa needs your support.

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FarmersFirst: Africa