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Our growing list of partners and customers includes innovative organizations across the insurance, finance and construction sectors. Together we develop leading-edge solutions to measure and mitigate enterprise risk.

Our partners and clients form the foundation of our company’s customer-centric values and play an integral role in shaping our leading-edge products. These partners include insurers across commercial lines, personal lines and agriculture. Additionally, our solutions provide support to the U.S. intelligence community.

Our Partners


Guidewire delivers the industry platform that property and casualty (P&C) insurers rely upon to adapt and succeed in a time of accelerating change. Our company joined the Guidewire PartnerConnect™ program in 2017 as a Solution partner.


The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC)

The Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) is the leading association for the construction industry with over 26,000 member firms. By working with Athenium Analytics to provide industry knowledge and product feedback, AGC continues its mission of delivering innovative solutions to its members to improve the quality of construction and remove avoidable risks in the process.



Athenium Analytics is a portfolio company of In-Q-Tel, the private venture firm serving the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and the broader intelligence community. In-Q-Tel’s portfolio companies support its core mission of delivering solutions that address the critical technology needs of the U.S. intelligence community. In-Q-Tel was among the first investors and clients of Weather Analytics, which acquired and merged with Athenium Inc. in 2018.


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Christopher Mein, AVP Underwriting Middle-Market and Specialty

CWG | a Berkley Company

Our use of the Gauge tool has made a real difference in our Property underwriting. Our underwriters are better armed with key location-specific indicators to inform their choices on pricing and policy conditions. And we are now able to better manage our concentration of risk and get a very good picture of our portfolio across our territory.
Quality Director, Fortune 100 Insurance Company

In our company, a lot of people often work on a single file, which made it hard to fairly evaluate their individual performance. With teamthink, we have a clear understanding of each person’s work, while still seeing the quality of the whole file. This has been a big step forward in helping us meet our goals.
James Pozzi, Senior Business Analytics


The value from these products is two-fold. First, it brings state-of-the-industry information to our fingertips – information that didn’t exist, or wasn’t accessible before. But it’s also fast. Using connected mapping tools gives us insights quickly – and there’s nothing better than alerting your customers to a situation before they even know about it themselves.
Ted Wissman, VP of Claims

Celina Insurance Group

Our experience with Athenium Analytics’ post-event Dexter solution has been nothing but beneficial to our claims process as both a supplemental and complementary tool. The usability and accessibility of the web-based interface offered minimal training and onboarding interruptions; if you can use a computer, you can use the Dexter dashboard.
Dexter has paid for itself over the course of two hail events in our coverage area with the data it provided our adjusters. We use a few other sources for post-event analytics information, but Dexter is our best option when we want accuracy, reliability and simplicity.
Tony Vicari, Quality Assurance Analyst

Westfield Insurance

We see the future of our dashboard usage leading to the empowerment of our management staff, to develop their people and to provide real time file review information. Providing simple access to this information is vital to the success of training and developing our underwriting staff in a timely manner.
VP of Claims at a major Property and Casualty Insurance Carrier

As a result of properly leveraging the teamthink system we have experienced an 8 point increase in claim handling quality, which has translated to measurable improvements in Claim Department financial results.
COO of one of the largest global insurance carriers

We recently had a significant claim come in from a tornado, in an area we didn’t think was all that susceptible to such damage. We weren’t using Athenium Analytics products when we first underwrote the property, so we wanted to see if having Gauge would have prevented us from writing the policy in the first place. After seeing the risk score for tornado in Gauge, it was clear that we would have, and should have made a different underwriting decision.
Mike Smith, Senior Vice President, Claims

Union Standard Insurance Group | a Berkley Company

Using Athenium Analytics pre and post storm tools has significantly improved our ability to prepare for an event and respond to our customers by allocating resources to those who need it the most first.

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