Business analytics & audit automation for insurers

Optimize insurance performance, quality & compliance with advanced audit analytics.

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Delivering business growth through insight-driven process improvements

GaugeQuality is a new insurance compliance, reporting and workflow-automation suite built on a foundation of 20 years of industry best practices established from working with the world’s top insurance carriers.

Athenium Analytics has supported the world’s leading insurance carriers with the audit, analysis and reporting tools they need to improve claims and underwriting performance.

GaugeQuality provides a modern performance improvement framework—built from the ground up—that helps insurers improve topline growth and the bottom line in a competitive market.

SaaS-based automation & analytics for audit teams

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A modern claims & underwriting quality suite built for next-generation insights

Discover the benefits of GaugeQuality for optimizing your insurance quality, audit and compliance workflows.

Claims audit & compliance software

Are you one of the many claims quality teams still using spreadsheets and other legacy tools to manage your audits? Not only are manual QA processes tedious, but they often fail to yield the objective and actionable insights needed to drive continuous improvement.

Learn how GaugeQuality can help you save labor hours, combat claims leakage and automate your manual audits. Click one of the contact buttons now to request a personalized claims demo.

Underwriting audit & compliance software

Many insurance carriers will never know how much money they’re losing every year from underwriting performance gaps that impact risk assessment, policy pricing, premium leakage and expense ratios.

GaugeQuality helps quality teams deploy audits, assess individual and team performance and link root causes to financial outcomes. Help your team drive profitability and underwriting success with GaugeQuality.

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Improve financial results & enable growth

  • Reduce leakage & indemnity costs
  • Ensure compliance & best practices
  • Analyze individual & team impacts
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Optimize compliance
& audit workflows

  • Simplify CMS/PAS data imports
  • Configure rule-based file sampling
  • Prefill data to reduce manual entry
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Uncover the true causes of performance issues

  • Capture root causes & top issues
  • Quantify leakage & quality scores
  • Analyze individual & team impacts
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Enhance individual & team performance

  • Track performance across teams
  • Provide feedback & training plans
  • Add comments & action items
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Unlock actionable insights & trends

  • Link issues to financial outcomes
  • Track & monitor metrics over time
  • Set data-driven KPIs & benchmarks
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Analyze, visualize & report business results

  • Access trends & historical data
  • Visualize results in the dashboard
  • Build & export custom reports

Manage quality workflows from start to finish with 5 essential modules

GaugeQuality is a SaaS suite for insurance quality and compliance that enables insurers to generate actionable claims and underwriting insights to improve business results. GaugeQuality is built on almost two decades of knowledge working with the world’s leading insurance carriers to help them improve loss and expense ratios and improve topline growth. This highly-configurable solution is purpose-built to help insurance teams administrate, implement & analyze audits.

Reporting Module

  • Identify quality issues across each phase of the claims or underwriting process
  • View key performance data, including quality scores, leakage, top issues & comments
  • Generate reports by office, state, time period or other variables
  • Leverage targeted results data to provide objective feedback for more productive training
  • Identify strengths & opportunities for both individuals and groups
  • Create & save custom reports that include essential metrics & KPIs for various stakeholders
  • Export & save reportlet images for inclusion in custom reports & slides (e.g., graphs & charts)
  • Generate configurable reports or allow users to create & export their own reports as needed
  • Format results data in the UI, including displaying data as tables or charts
  • Control report access permissions, so the right people see the right information

Reviewer Module

  • Capture granular quality data across every line of business to understand the source of key issues
  • Increase reviewer speed & accuracy by leveraging pre-filled data values & automation
  • Capture & configure applicable root causes each time issues are identified during reviews
  • Add key attachments, such as documents & photos, linked to specific comments & reviews
  • Configure scoring, including weighted questions, phases & quality scores
  • Categorize reviewer comments to allow for quantitative analysis of qualitative data
  • Gather multiple measures of performance, including quality scores, leakage & issues
  • Automatically notify users about data entry errors as they occur
  • Easily reject files that do not meet the review criteria for a specific audit
  • Aggregate results for further review by linking top issues to each file, phase, adjuster, location and more

Questionnaire Management Module

  • Create new questionnaires from scratch using the step-by-step guide
  • Browse, duplicate & edit existing questionnaires to easily adapt past templates for new audits
  • Create new questions for use across various audit phases & sections
  • Link root causes to any question to provide more granular reporting & improve trend analysis
  • Add unlimited phases (e.g., coverage, compliance & evaluation) that fit with your existing program
  • Add leakage & scoring values, including leakage types, quality scores and/or question weighting
  • Choose the responsible parties settings associated with each question
  • Add key data attributes for additional context (e.g., dates, status, financial data, etc.)
  • Add flags using the admin function to identify action items or training opportunities
  • Configure smart pathing to automatically skip questions depending on the phase or review type

Audit Management Module

  • Select files for review based on the department, office, handler, supervisor, loss type, line of business & more
  • Assign files to reviewers based on existing user permissions, custom criteria or full randomization
  • Track progress of individual reviewers, including the number of files completed, pending & not yet started
  • Browse existing audits, including open, scheduled, cancelled & complete
  • Streamline questionnaires with smart question pathing
  • Include key context to root causes by adding flags, comments, attachments & reviewer action items
  • Send new files directly to each reviewer’s queue to help teams triage ongoing audit tasks at scale
  • Expedite file reassignments by easily resolving (or overriding) reviewer rejections
  • Add, edit & delete responsible parties from within the assignment section
  • View each audit phase using the navigation sidebar

Application Management Module

  • Set global parameters for users & teams that govern how departments access your site
  • Manage access permissions for individuals and teams—and adjust as-needed from the interface
  • Control data integrity by managing all data names, types, definitions & descriptions
  • Configure leakage parameters, including various types, categories & percentages
  • Leverage company settings to establish scoring, department goals, question weighting & more
  • Set file rejection parameters, such as “file doesn’t meet criteria” or “handler no longer reports to me”
  • Import, edit & archive users, including the assignment of permission-based security roles
  • Create, customize and configure new users or import a file with hundreds of predefined users
  • Create flags like action required or recovery opportunity for any questionnaire
  • Define teams by division, business segment, office, supervisor, LOB and claim handler

Laying the foundation for predictive analytics & risk flagging

GaugeQuality provides the core features quality teams need to drive financial outcomes, and also offers a path for next-generation modules – like predictive analytics and industry benchmarking – to help your teams drive continuous improvement for years to come. Discover how GaugeQuality can modernize your quality process with intuitive interfaces, streamlined audits and flexible reporting.

GaugeQuality insurance audit leakage dashboard

A closer look at the GaugeQuality results dashboard

Watch the on-demand GaugeQuality demo webinar

GaugeQuality audit & compliance software demo webinar

Want to prepare your carrier for the future of insurance performance, audits and compliance? Join Athenium Analytics for a sneak peek at the new GaugeQuality platform.

This live session is hosted by insurance veteran, Christina Guzman, and GaugeQuality product lead, Sam Lane. They discuss product functionality, roadmap details and provide a brief demo with an audience Q&A. Discover how GaugeQuality can help you drive growth, improve profitability and optimize team performance.

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Discover the 5 key benefits of quality & compliance automation

Insurance quality and compliance is undergoing an evolution that is forcing teams to ditch their manual audit processes in favor of automation specifically built for Insurers’ needs. Even as more insurance carriers introduce automation to streamline their claims lifecycles, many teams are still using manual tools to complete their QA and compliance audits. Systems like GaugeQuality can help Insurers implement best practices that result in cost savings and improved business outcomes for their claims and underwriting audits.

QA automation is becoming essential as insurers face increased demands for deeper, more reliable business insights. Discover how GaugeQuality can help your team drive growth through SaaS-based workflow automation.

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