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We create software solutions that empower business leaders within insurance, construction, agriculture and finance to more effectively assess risks, analyze weather conditions and improve operations. Whether you want to evaluate new business, identify an attractive growth market or analyze operational risk with new granularity, we have the solution you need.
The world is moving faster, data is getting bigger, and companies around the world are struggling to distill the insights they need to evolve their businesses. In this complex atmosphere of competition, customer service and even climate change, Athenium Analytics offers advanced data analytics solutions that measure, manage and mitigate your most critical risks.

Whether you are an insurance executive hoping to understand a new distribution opportunity, a construction manager looking to minimize schedule disruption or a financial trader searching for alpha, our advanced software empowers you to make better, faster business decisions. Using proprietary databases, analytics, machine learning and other cutting-edge technologies, we give you the solutions to forecast your own success.

We believe in the power of accurate, relevant scientific data and revere the pioneers of science that have given us their vast stores of knowledge and often controversial discoveries. To honor this commitment, we participate in various outreach programs aimed at furthering STEM initiatives, including school essay contests and sustainable agriculture initiatives. Our offices embody our professional, comfortable atmosphere with a variety of amenities and events aimed at building a community within our Athenium Analytics family.

Our History

Weather Analytics LLC was founded in 2012 to create decision-support tools on top of a vast collection of proprietary atmospheric, weather and topographical data. The company grew an innovative product suite, introducing Gauge risk-scoring for underwriters, Dexter post-event weather verification, Beacon forecast alerts and IRIS aerial imagery software.

In 2013, Weather Analytics’ cutting-edge technologies attracted the attention of and investment from In-Q-Tel, the venture capital firm of the U.S. intelligence community. Subsequent funding rounds brought in two of the world’s most respected carriers, TokioMarine HCC and W.R. Berkley Corporation.

Athenium, Inc., meanwhile, was founded in 1997 and proudly grew its reputation as an innovative insurance software company, with its flagship teamthink® software specializing in quality assurance for internal operations. teamthink is the market leading QA software for large insurance carriers.

In 2018, Weather Analytics acquired Athenium, and together they created Athenium Analytics.

Moving Ahead

We offer a robust suite of insurance risk management tools for claims, underwriting and QA, as well as the construction, finance and agriculture industries. Our software is trusted by 26 of the top 100 insurance carriers, several Fortune 100 companies and members of the U.S. Intelligence community. Our innovations in AI allow us to analyze more data than ever before with increased speed and accuracy. These advancements bolster our cutting-edge research capabilities.

As scientists, technologists and business leaders, we believe you should not have to choose between speed and accuracy when making your most important decisions. We leverage our meteorological and data science expertise to produce actionable insights with big data, machine learning and predictive analytics. Organizations rely on our tools every day to produce data they can trust to make smarter decisions and protect their bottom lines.


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