Are you struggling to drive continuous improvement with your QA data?

Date: Wednesday, September 30
Time: 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Eastern
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Claims and underwriting audits are essential for insurance carriers to measure and assess quality across the organization. These regular audits can yield insights on everything from financial outcomes and claims health, to performance trends across teams, departments and offices. More importantly, quality audits also help uncover opportunities for continuous improvement at every level of the organization. Because audit tools like teamthink provide granular performance data down to the individual contributor-level, they enable managers to find performance gaps and implement action plans that can improve performance over time. But often, driving continuous improvement within insurance carriers is easier said than done. That’s because—even when the motivation is there—there are often hurdles across the organization that make it difficult for QA teams to truly drive change. In this webinar, we’ll discuss five common hurdles QA teams face in driving continuous improvement and provide tips on how to address them within your own organization.

Our presenters, Julie Markert and Mike Bennett, will explore these hurdles and offer solutions on how your team can overcome them to help drive continuous performance improvement. Join us on Wednesday, September 30 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern as Julie and Mike share their QA insights and answer questions from the audience. Whether you manage a global quality program or are just looking to drive change within your team, this webinar is an excellent chance to discuss continuous improvement with insurance QA experts from Athenium Analytics.

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About the presenters

Julie Markert is a QA account manager at Athenium Analytics and works with some of the nation’s largest insurance carriers to help evolve their quality assurance programs using the teamthink software. She specializes in quality program design and teaching how to build quality programs for continuous improvement. Before joining Athenium, she spent 13 years at Liberty Mutual working in various areas in personal lines insurance including; distribution, product, and claims quality analytics and strategy.

Mike Bennett is the vice president of sales at Athenium Analytics. In his time with the company, he has worked closely with the product and tech teams to shape the direction of current and future products; spent time in business development to help spearhead the growth of Athenium Analytics into new industries including construction; and managed strategic accounts of the company’s largest customers and investors. In his current role, Mike collaborates with industry partners to identify ways in which Athenium Analytics can provide solutions to their precise needs. A graduate of Cornell University, Mike’s background is in meteorology and data.

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Replacing the 2020 IQA conference with a 3-part webinar series

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and continued uncertainty around safety and reopening guidelines, Athenium Analytics has decided to suspend our 2020 IQA conference scheduled for this fall. Rather than host a full-day virtual event this year, we’re replacing IQA 2020 with a three-part webinar series designed to provide insights and thought leadership in a more on-demand fashion. We know many of you will miss the in-person conference, but after careful consideration, we didn’t believe it was possible to deliver the same experience in a virtual setting. But rest assured that we plan to host an in-person IQA conference again in 2021. In the meantime, we hope you and your team will attend our fall webinar series instead.

This continuous improvement webinar is the first of three upcoming QA sessions designed to engage teamthink clients and prospects by providing value-packed video presentations about all things QA. The second and third webinars in our series are slated for October and November of this year. Stay tuned for additional details about the upcoming topics and speakers. We have some exciting developments you won’t want to miss.


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