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Reduce leakage costs and optimize insurance claims and underwriting with powerful, customizable quality assurance audit software.

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Optimize your claims and underwriting QA review processes. Quality assurance drives quality results.

teamthink® is a powerful insurance QA suite for claims and underwriting reviews — it replaces spreadsheets, databases and legacy QA systems forever. The teamthink software helps quality assurance teams manage audit reviews with greater speed, volume and accuracy. Its comprehensive measurement, analysis, and reporting tools deliver actionable information that benefits QA, business managers, and company-wide performance.

  • Measure performance and analyze results against your best practices, KPIs and compliance requirements
  • Develop reviewer questionnaires and audit forms that fully support your specific quality assurance goals
  • Use a suite of standard reports and dashboards to quickly understand metrics that matter most
  • Integrate data from across your organization to understand the performance of people, groups and processes and utilize in continuous improvement initiatives
  • Increase productivity with questionnaires that display only pertinent information based on the facts of the file
  • Link performance problems directly to their financial outcomes utilizing leakage and payment accuracy studies

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Why Choose teamthink QA Software for Claims and Underwriting Reviews?

teamthink insurance QA metrics dashboardAre you running your claims reviews on spreadsheets or an out-dated system built by someone who’s no longer with the company? Are you dependent on your IT department for every update to a questionnaire? Can you quickly adjust your tools to find new insights or better reflect your team’s changing priorities? Our customer base, which includes more than two dozen of the top 100 U.S. insurers, has moved beyond these problems by using teamthink.

As insurance carriers grow, their quality assurance systems are often unable to keep pace. Highly skilled QA reviewers and managers may spend endless time analyzing and reporting, which leaves them little time for other responsibilities. When existing QA tools are outdated or inefficient, they can’t provide the data or insights needed to make a significant impact on your organization’s performance. teamthink can help your team identify, measure and mitigate leakage to improve financial performance. Discover why teamthink is the most popular insurance QA automation tool in the world.

Flexible and Scalable

Customize every aspect of teamthink to the needs of your team. Edit questions, metrics, reports, modules and users as your needs change.

Robust Features

Analyze every step of process improvement with comprehensive audits of internal, cross-functional and third-party teams and processes.

QA Insights

Inform your decision-making with financial outcomes. Link performance and quality issues directly to their effects on leakage and risk.

Secure Hosting

We host and maintain your teamthink web server so you can access and edit your QA system with minimal involvement from your IT team.

Powerful Reports

Generate robust and customizable reports around data and insights that matter to each team or department.

Data Integration

Integrate data from claims, underwriting and other units for a unified solution that measures performance across the company.

Secure Access

teamthink offers secure, browser-based logins so you can on-board quickly and access your data across multiple teams, offices and locations.

Expansion Modules

Add powerful expansion modules to extend your teamthink capabilities as the needs or focus of your QA team changes.

Extend QA Capabilities with teamthink Expansion Modules

Every user, no matter the size, has access to the four core teamthink software components: Reviewer, Reporter, Author and Administrator.

  • Reviewer: Capture detailed performance information with powerful and user-friendly questionnaires.
  • Reporter: Customize reports to obtain detailed insights, metrics and managerial feedback.
  • Author: Increase QA efficiency and flexibility with maximum control over questionnaire development.
  • Administrator: Manage common administrative tasks including adding/removing users, setting up audits and running reports.

These four core modules represent the powerful base upon which the teamthink process improvement software is based. In addition to these core components, users can also add optional expansion modules to enhance and customize teamthink to their needs.

See the full list of expansion modules below.

System Integration Module

The SI Module supports WebServices integrations, including our Guidewire Accelerator for ClaimsCenter or Policy Center.

File Results Dashboard

Show quality scores, leakage, comments, IFRs and a top issues pie chart with the ability to drill down through the organizational hierarchy to view results.

Data Integration Module

The Data Integration Module enables the transfer of legacy QA spreadsheets and databases directly into your teamthink interface.

Custom Dashboard

Custom dashboards can display custom reporting data and claims/underwriting metrics to satisfy specific team or business unit needs.

File Selection and Assignment

The FSA Module selects valid review samples, pre-populates questionnaires, & assigns files based on custom criteria.

Development Planning

The DP Module provides a single location where multiple teams can analyze performance, develop action plans and track improvements.

Question-Level Responsibility

The QLR module delivers question-by-question information on how each user or group affects overall file performance.

Snapshot Module

Snapshot contains annual copies of your current operating environment, including reviews, reports, questionnaires and data.

More Insurance Companies Trust their QA to teamthink

``As a result of properly leveraging the teamthink system we have experienced an 8 point increase in claim handling quality, which has translated to measurable improvements in Claim Department financial results.``

VP of Claims at a major P&C Insurance Carrier

``In our company, a lot of people often work on a single file, which made it hard to fairly evaluate their individual performance. With teamthink, we have a clear understanding of each person’s work, while still seeing the quality of the whole file. This has been a big step forward in helping us meet our goals.``

Quality Director, Fortune 100 Insurance Company

``We see the future of our dashboard usage leading to the empowerment of our management staff, to develop their people and to provide real time file review information. Providing simple access to this information is vital to the success of training and developing our underwriting staff in a timely manner.``

Tony Vicari, Quality Assurance Analyst

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