Our powerful tools help customers understand and improve quality assurance, risk assessment and post-event verification.


Optimize your claims and underwriting QA review processes. Quality assurance drives quality results.

teamthink optimizes your claims and underwriting QA review processes to deliver valuable organizational insights. Its full range of flexible, scalable quality assurance solutions go well beyond other QA review tools available for insurance organizations. You can use teamthink insurance audit solutions to improve your company’s entire QA process, support performance improvement, and solve larger business objectives.

  • Measure performance and analyze the scores against your best practices
  • Develop reviewer questionnaires that fully support your specific quality assurance goals
  • Increase productivity with questionnaires that display only pertinent information based on the facts of the file
  • Gain insight into the performance of individuals, groups and processes
  • Link performance problems directly to their financial outcomes
  • Accurately prioritize and determine how to address performance improvement issues
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