In late January 2021, we launched a new system status page to track the uptime and availability across our suite of weather risk solutions. The new dashboard provides clients with up-to-date information on the status of each weather product – this includes Atlas, Beacon, Dexter, Gauge, IRIS and our three weather risk APIs.

The system status page is the definitive source to confirm each solution is fully operational and working as intended. While clients have come to expect 99.99% uptime across our product suite, there have been rare instances where one or more third-party data feeds have experienced interruptions that temporarily affect some product functionality. In such cases, the new system status page allows clients to confirm the nature and source of these issues and track their resolution.

The system status page in action

The system status page includes icons for each product to indicate whether they are currently available, experiencing a partial outage or are completely unavailable. During an interruption, the page will include a yellow or red icon, as well as the date, time and a brief message about the nature of the disruption. The screenshot below depicts what a partial outage message might look like.

Athenium Analytics weather risk system status page

Example of the weather risk system status notifications.


The goal is to provide users with clear, detailed information about any current issues, as well as estimates on when they should be resolved. For instance, if there were an issue with a GFS data feed that should be resolved within 60 minutes, the note would reflect that and any other relevant details.

This status page provides a new level of transparency for clients, allowing them to confirm their favorite solutions are operational and take comfort in knowing that any current issues are being addressed swiftly by our engineering team. The system status page is available 24 hours a day at: