Wildfire risk analysis and post-event forensics software

Manage and verify severe weather claims and portfolio exposures with multi-dimensional forensic data analysis at hyper-local resolution.

Extinguish wildfire risk.
Write smarter business.

Accurately identify the variables influencing a property’s wildfire risk:

GaugeWildfire from Athenium Analytics is the insurance industry’s premier wildfire risk analysis and portfolio management tool. It combines historical weather and wildfire data with predictive risk scoring and map visualizations to help insurers make smarter underwriting decisions by understanding the true risk of catastrophic fires. Comprehensive modeling includes a property’s proximity to high-risk variables and up to 50,000 years of simulated data.

  • Grading
  • Landscape type
  • Vegetation
  • Non-burnable area
  • Crown fire
  • Weather
  • Solar exposure
  • Distance to road
  • Fire station proximity
  • Recent wildfires

Pair with Dexter to investigate fire severity and property exposures within hours.

DexterWildfire is a cloud-based solution that enables you verify P&C insurance claims by providing the most current hazard and location data for wildfire events. In combination with Dexter’s unprecedented 0.3 square-mile resolution historical weather data, you can better understand wildfire ground conditions at exposure locations during the previous hour or past years for over 16 million land segments.


Upload your portfolio and policies to facilitate rapid catastrophic and sub- catastrophic response, exposure management, loss mitigation and historical loss analysis.


Receive wildfire perimeter updates 4x per day to see how the fire progresses.


See accurate fire tracking and event analysis within hours after an event begins.

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