Quality Assurance Whitepaper

How an underwriting leakage study can improve performance

Learn how to measure & mitigate underwriting leakage

As insurance carriers focus their quality assurance resources on claims reviews, there may be fundamental underwriting issues that erode profitability but continue to go unnoticed by QA teams. Unfortunately, many insurers still don’t have a great way to uncover the exact sources of underwriting losses.

Underwriting leakage is the cost incurred when underwriting teams don’t adhere to organizational or industry best practices. It is a direct result of quality issues, which can be addressed by improving underwriting tools, procedures and oversight. Download our whitepaper to see how an underwriting leakage study can benefit your bottom line. Whitepaper topics include:

  • What is an underwriting leakage study?
  • What factors contribute to underwriting leakage?
  • How does leakage yield higher loss and & expense ratios?
  • What data is available to identify & measure leakage?
  • What tools are available to mitigate leakage?

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