Our powerful tools help customers understand and improve quality assurance, risk assessment and post-event verification.


Optimize your claims and underwriting QA review processes. Quality assurance drives quality results.

teamthink optimizes your claims and underwriting QA review processes to deliver valuable organizational insights. Its full range of flexible, scalable quality assurance solutions go well beyond other QA review tools available for insurance organizations. You can use teamthink insurance audit solutions to improve your company’s entire QA process, support performance improvement, and solve larger business objectives.

  • Measure performance and analyze the scores against your best practices
  • Develop reviewer questionnaires that fully support your specific quality assurance goals
  • Increase productivity with questionnaires that display only pertinent information based on the facts of the file
  • Gain insight into the performance of individuals, groups and processes
  • Link performance problems directly to their financial outcomes
  • Accurately prioritize and determine how to address performance improvement issues
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Discover the attributes of a residential or commercial property without an expensive visit.

IRIS leverages high-resolution aerial and satellite imagery to deliver unique property risk insights, empowering educated and confident decision making at a fraction of the cost of a property visit. Utilizing patent pending cutting-edge computer vision and change-detection algorithms, IRIS is a simple solution to the complex problem of property risk evaluation. IRIS can also reveal changes in property condition at policy renewal time so there are no surprises.

  • View automated determination of roof footprint, roof material, roof type, roof condition and vegetation overhang
  • Discover various property risk features, including skylights, solar panels, pools, and trampolines
  • Avoid surprises through automated Change Detection; supports risk assessment, fraud detection, and portfolio management
  • Inspect over 70% of the US population areas
  • Document your decisions with our 3 inch-resolution imagery
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Avoid bad business and write good business. Improve your underwriting from the individual to the office to the whole enterprise.

Based on statistical analysis of up to 50 years of historical weather data, underwriters can more intelligently and efficiently make weather-related risk decisions. Gauge, the industry’s premier risk analysis and portfolio management tool, enables insurers to strengthen their business portfolio by providing enhanced analysis of geospatial risk of hail, intense rainfall, straight-line wind, tornado, hurricane wind, hurricane surge, ice storm, winter storm, and earthquakes.

  • Assess risk at a hyper-granular level for hail, intense rainfall, straight-line wind, tornado, hurricane wind, hurricane surge, ice storm, winter storm, and earthquakes
  • Customize a multi-peril blended risk scoring to reflect your company’s decision making process
  • Visualize your policies to facilitate capacity monitoring and exposure analysis
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Evaluate post-event exposures. Triage claims. Investigate precise peril severity.

An innovative new method of verifying weather related P&C insurance claims as well as verifying weather related crop insurance claims. Our scientific focus on severe convective storms gives you unprecedented 0.3 square mile resolution and unmatched historical information on the perils which most affect your bottom line.

  • See accurate event analysis and storm tracks within hours after a potential loss
  • Integrate your portfolio and policies to facilitate rapid CAT and sub-CAT response, exposure management, loss mitigation and historical loss analysis
  • Improve your claims decision making with our gap-free, comprehensive high-resolution coverage across the United States for: hail, rainfall, freezing rain, snowfall, wind gusts, sustained winds, tornadic storm, temperature and wildfire
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Better serve agents and insureds. Plan and manage resources for severe weather.

Beacon is a global weather alerting, early warning and customer targeting platform. This rule-based forecast notification system enables you to communicate specific weather conditions and risks up to seven days in advance. With hourly forecasts available for anywhere in the world, users can pinpoint specific weather events and thresholds, and alert stakeholders automatically about threats to key assets, locations or policy holders.

  • Customize alert frequency and thresholds for a variety of weather perils, all available via email and SMS: extreme cold, extreme heat, hail, snowfall, frost, freezing rain, rainfall, wind gusts, and sustained winds
  • Add your own brand and message content to increase value to your policyholders
  • Leverage our 90+ member super ensemble model of tropical storm and hurricane path and intensity – overlayed with your policy locations!
  • Plan resource allocation and disaster response
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Get the climate and meteorological data you need for your decisions.

A 40 year, gap-filled global database of weather, climate, geography and ecosystem information for use in historical data analysis, trends analysis, investigation and scenario planning. Understand the impacts of weather on your organization by identifying risks and opportunities.

  • Improve your analysis with accurate, comprehensive global datasets, cleansed and gap-filled for quality and continuity with 250+ historical and forecast meteorological variables
  • Access the data the way you want: API, Batch and UI available
  • Get all the data you need: Proprietary downscaling process delivers accurate data across all regions and terrain, with the precision of 19×19 mile resolution
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A robust tool for accessing global historical, current, and forecast weather data.

The appetite for precision data for decision and operations support is growing exponentially and affecting industries ranging from insurance to agriculture to risk management. However, the availability of weather and climate data has not significantly changed for decades. Athenium Analytics helps to solve this challenge as the leading precise and reliable source for a comprehensive global database of weather, climate, geography and ecosystem information that can be easily fused with other datasets.

Read the use cases below to learn ways your business can benefit from using Athenium Analytics API:


Gwen uses real-time weather data to develop an app that allows people to look not only at the best times to plant crops based on historical data, but also based on forecasted weather conditions.


An analyst at an air conditioner manufacturer, Orly uses historical weather data of target markets, combined with historical unit sales and forecast data to make educated production decisions.


In order to ensure her ski resort is adequately staffed, Mishka uses historical weather conditions, combined with last season’s guest counts and forecast data to make informed hiring decisions.

Why Our data?

Our databases are quality checked, translated, converted, and normalized to provide hourly, gap-free, statistically stable data made accessible for analytics and solutions. Our historic data is assimilated from multiple state-of-the-industry sources, including the Climate Forecast System Reanalysis and Meteorological Terminal Aviation Routine Weather Report (METAR) and Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS) feeds. Hourly seven-day forecasts are based on the industry’s best forecast models, including the Global Forecast System (GFS), interpolated hourly. We also leverage a number of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) numerical model analyses and forecasts, as well as our own proprietary modeling, for both historical and forecast data. Our capability to ingest raw data in any format from any source, then prepare and deliver the data in useful formats, is what sets us apart from any other data providers.


Choose a plan that best meets your usage needs and contact us for pricing details.

*One call is defined as one api request for up to 7 days of data for Core/Premium/Forecast data

Light: 0 - 175,000 calls per month

Average: 175,001 - 500,000 calls per month

Moderate: 500,001 - 1,000,000 calls per month


The available variables have applications across a wide range of business sectors to provide all of the weather data needed for your business or project. For more information on the individual variables, view our API Docs to read their descriptions.

Read the API Docs

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