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Mitigate severe weather risks during every phase of construction with hyperlocal forecasts, lightning alerts and analysis.

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Protect your team, materials and timeline against weather-related risks

GaugeConstruction is the cloud-based weather analytics dashboard for contractors and builders, delivering short-term, long-term and post-event weather insights during every phase of construction. Using historical, hyperlocal weather data, you can manage and mitigate delays, lost weather days and on-site damages from natural hazards. Plan with confidence.

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Monitor Week-By-Week Weather Risks

Understand the weather risks at each construction site using 40 years of historical data and hyperlocal forecasts.

  • View 7-day forecasts based on hyperlocal weather data.
  • Get risk scores based on decades of historical data.
  • Understand unique risks for excavation, foundation, framing and enclosure phases.
Calculate Lost Weather Days

Estimate and budget for delays during each construction project based on the historical frequency of each peril.

  • Estimate lost weather days before breaking ground.
  • Set unique, custom weather thresholds for each location.
  • Understand how severe weather will affect your bottom line.
Create Weather Alerts

Configure custom weather alerts based on the location and phase-specific needs for each project.

  • Receive near-real-time lightning alerts to track danger zones.
  • Track temperatures, wind, hail, freezing rain, rain, snow and heat index.
  • Set custom alerts based on your phase, location or risk profile.
View Virtual Weather Station Data and Reports

Download PDF reports with daily weather summaries and alerts for your site.

  • Access hyperlocal weather verification (~ 0.3 sq. miles) for temperature, wind, precipitation and hail size.
  • Set thresholds on wind speed at altitudes up to 490 ft for crane and high-rise days.
  • View daily weather summaries and hour-by-hour events.

Lightning Alerts

GaugeConstruction provides hyperlocal lightning alerts for construction sites across the United States. Receive configurable UI, email or mobile app notifications when lightning activity is detected within 50, 30 or 10 miles of your job sites.

View lightning activity and radar overlays right from the UI or mobile app so you can track danger zones and move your team to safety. Lightning alerts are also listed alongside other weather notifications (like precipitation and extreme temperatures) so you can view and download all the natural hazard risks at your sites each day. GaugeConstruction uses data from Vaisala’s National Lightning Detection Network® (NLDN). The NLDN is the most accurate lightning information system available today, trusted by organizations like the National Weather Service, FAA and U.S. military.

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Inform Your Project from Vision to Ribbon-Cutting

Our team of expert meteorologists and data scientists leverage decades of data to configure risk alerts for weather events that threaten worker and site safety, such as lightning strikes and temperature extremes. GaugeConstruction helps your business better manage risks and adjust project timelines. Our data accuracy helps you plan your next project with confidence.

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