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Mitigate severe weather risks during every phase of construction with hyper-local forecasts, alerts and analysis.

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Protect your team, materials & timeline against weather-related risks

GaugeConstruction is a cloud-based weather analytics dashboard for contractors and builders that delivers short-term, long-term and post-event weather insights during every phase of construction.

Use historical, hyper-local weather data to manage & mitigate delays, lost weather days and on-site damages from natural hazards. Plan with confidence.

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  • See weekly risk scores for each construction phase based on location and weather hazards
  • Calculate lost weather days using 40 years of historical data from your job sites
  • Create 7-day forecast alerts for the following perils: hail, rainfall, freezing rain, snowfall, cold, heat, heat index and wind gusts
  • Configure alerts for unique projects, phases, weather perils and thresholds
  • Download customizable PDF reports to verify weather events across your job sites
  • Verify local weather events with granularity down to 0.3 square miles

Monitor Week-By-Week Weather Risks

Understand the weather risks at each construction site using 40 years of historical data & hyper-local forecasts.

  • Visualize how site weather risks change over time
  • Get risk scores based on decades of historical data
  • Understand unique risks for excavation, foundation, framing & enclosure phases

Calculate Lost Weather Days at Each Site

Estimate (and budget for) lost weather days over the course of each construction project based on the historical frequency of each peril.

  • Estimate lost weather days before breaking ground
  • Set custom weather thresholds for each location
  • Understand how severe weather will affect your bottom line

Create Customizable Forecast Alerts

Configure custom weather alerts based on the location and phase-specific needs for each project.

  • Track temperatures, wind, hail, sleet, rain, snow & heat index
  • View 7-day forecasts based on hyper-local weather data
  • See daily weather summaries & weather alerts from each site
  • Set custom alerts based on your phase, location or risk profile

Download Daily Weather Summary Reports

Download PDF reports with daily weather summaries and alerts from severe weather events at your site. Share with your team or include in your daily logs and briefings.

  • View daily weather summaries & hour-by-hour events
  • Download local reports from any job site across the US
  • Verify delays & lost weather days with high-resolution data
  • Share PDFs with your team or project management software
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