Quality Assurance Whitepaper

Claims audit benchmarking survey & results from insurance QA professionals

How does your QA process compare to industry leaders?

We interviewed 36 insurance carriers from across the country to learn more about the current state of insurance QA. The result is a 14-page whitepaper with in-depth insights into the how insurers of different sizes manage their claims review and internal audit processes. We uncover what tools QA teams are using, how practices vary at different size companies, and the type of metrics teams are tracking as part of their quality assurance best practices. How does your organization stack up against industry benchmarks?

Download our whitepaper to see statistics, graphs and industry survey results that include:

  • The current state of insurance QA
  • The most popular goals and metrics for audit teams
  • How QA Quality Scores are measured
  • The most common QA tools and software
  • Claims review frequency, reports & feedback
  • How trends vary between small, medium and large insurers

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