Quality Assurance Whitepaper

Is your QA software slowing down your claims audits?

25 questions to evaluate your current quality assurance process

Athenium Analytics has been helping insurance carriers improve their quality assurance processes for almost two decades with teamthink QA software. During that time, we’ve learned that most insurers, regardless of size, face many of the same issues when trying to overcome problems with their legacy QA software. As insurers grow, their QA technology must scale with them. Is your insurance audit software slowing down your team and hurting your performance? Here are some questions to begin evaluating your current QA system:

  • What are the QA and business objectives supported by your system?
  • Can the system automatically gather a complete set of up-to-date data from internal sources?
  • Do the reporting capabilities provide the data needed to monitor and improve performance at all levels?

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