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Are you ready for faster audits, better QA data and clearer insights to help drive company-wide performance improvements?

Whether insurance QA is your full-time job, or only a small part of it, using the wrong tool can make the file review process tedious and time-consuming. If your QA process involves fewer than 50 people (handlers, managers and auditors), chances are you’re still using spreadsheets or outdated internal software to manage your monthly or quarterly claims audits.

Instead of focusing on reviews, you’re wasting time selecting files, sorting through spreadsheet tabs and struggling to produce actionable data and insights. teamthink Envoy™ helps smaller QA teams simplify their audits by streamlining key processes like file selection, questionnaire building and results reporting.

  • Automate your current QA workflow by moving to a single online interface
  • Integrate claims data to review files within the interface
  • Create audits for each line of business using a customizable questionnaire builder
  • Choose and assign audit files automatically using configurable selection criteria
  • Prepopulate questionnaire data fields for faster reviews and improved data integrity
  • Produce actionable insights and drill down to key data points through an interactive dashboard
  • Identify key trends by collecting, aggregating and analyzing QA data over time
  • Export reports to PDF (or Excel) to share results with executives and teams

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Replace your outdated system with a QA tool tailored for smaller teams. Enjoy faster reviews and better reporting.

Instant Automation

Transform your QA process from manual to automated. Instantly access questionnaires and results data through a single interface.

Robust Features

Build questionnaires and track QA metrics from one robust and easy-to-use interface that produces quick and accurate results.

QA Insights

Tie your decision-making to financial outcomes. Link performance and quality issues directly to their effects on leakage and risk.

Powerful Reports

Configure the dashboard to display interactive charts, drill-down into granular QA data, and generate robust real-time and historical reports.

Easy Implementation

Get up and running quickly with a streamlined and expedited deployment. Start gathering insights sooner.

Secure Access

Login from multiple locations through secure, browser-based logins. Collaborate from anywhere.

Hosted Servers

Manage your QA process without relying on your IT team – full hosting and management on secure servers.


Import files, add new users and run reports with no need for tech support. Experience complete control of your QA process.

With teamthink Envoy, your QA process will live in a single online interface for easy access to audits and results data. With the Dashboard, you can quickly view your data to run reports across all business results. Aggregate at a high level or drill down to any organizational unit or employee.

The key to effective QA is accurately measuring performance against your best practices, and then using those results to review and close performance gaps. teamthink Envoy helps you successfully navigate this process. With the right information at your fingertips, you’ll have the knowledge to improve performance quality, while reducing operational costs and the impact of severe losses.

Designed by insurance industry professionals, teamthink Envoy is the best-in-class solution for smaller QA teams to improve team and individual performance, financial results, and increase customer satisfaction.

teamthink Envoy QA results dashboard

The interactive dashboard allows you to visualize audit results and drill down to view key data like leakage and root causes.

Why Automation? teamthink Envoy Sample Use Case

Task: Deploy an audit of the claim handlers in the Kansas City office with the following criteria:

  • Select one open and one closed claim for each handler
  • Assign the appropriate supervisors for review
  • Ensure no duplicate claims from other audits

❌ Manual QA Process

  1. Extract a list of claims from the KC office and load it into a spreadsheet
  2. Manually filter to the desired time period
  3. Cross reference the list
  4. Remove claims reviewed in previous audits
  5. Sort the remaining list by handler and open vs closed status
  6. Select the applicable files for each handler
  7. Determine the supervisors performing each review
  8. Distribute the list of chosen claims to the supervisors
  9. Manually track progress
  10. Replace claim assignments as requested by the supervisors
  11. Generate a static results report based on available data

✔️ Automation with teamthink Envoy

  1. Extract claim file pull and upload into teamthink Envoy
  2. Select a saved filter
  3. Assign a supervisor from the pre-created list
  4. Choose one open file and one closed file – then run audit
  5. View interactive results dashboards and generate custom reports in PDF or Excel

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