teamthink Envoy - Insurance QA Labor Savings Calculator

How much time could you be saving on your claims audits?

One overlooked aspect of managing an insurance QA program is the time and effort it takes to manage regular audits. This includes gathering data from your claims management system, choosing the audit criteria, finding specific/random files, distributing files to auditors, monitoring progress, and analyzing results. teamthink Envoy automates these steps, passing on significant labor savings every month.

Claims File Uploads

Upload claims directly to the cloud for use across your audits, including pre-filled forms & instant file selection.

Automated File Selection

Select the files you need instantly for any audit based on pre-configured (or randomized) criteria.

Interactive Results Dashboards

View audit results with interactive dashboards, drill down into root causes, and generate robust reports.

Calculate your Labor Savings with teamthink Envoy

For the purposes of this labor savings calculator, we made the following assumptions: a single audit includes time to upload and/or create and assign reviews in your current QA tool, to conduct 20 reviews and to create, run and analyze 10 reports.


Total Number of Hours You Will Spend Conducting Audits in the Next 12 Months.


Total Number of Hours You Could Spend Conducting Audits in the Next 12 Months usingteamthinkEnvoy.

Annual Labor Days Saved withteamthink Envoy


Based on 8-Hour Work Days

teamthink Envoy can significantly reduce your labor costs for conducting audits.
You could spend 1/3 the time performing the same work while producing more accurate results.
What would you do with that time saved?

This calculator illustrates the labor time savings gained when you automate your existing manual QA process by switching to teamthink Envoy. The automation features in Envoy could help your team reduce audit times by 2/3. Individual results may depend on your existing processes.