Property Risk Webinar

Webinar: Enhance your property-risk reports with better hazard intelligence

Insurers and property investors often struggle to find reliable data to analyze new and existing properties across their portfolios. And as many learn the hard way, assessing true property risk requires more than just self-reported data from owners and agents. Many users rely on free tools like Google Earth/Street View or hit-or-miss data aggregators that scrape local real estate records. They may also buy expensive reports from multiple sources to try and understand various risks at a single property.

But with rising property values, replacement costs and risks of severe weather, it is more important than ever for investors and underwriters to understand the true risk of each property across their portfolios. By leveraging newly released technology developed in collaboration with the U.S. military, the property-risk analytics solution from Athenium Analytics offers robust reports that outline current property, structural and weather risks in a single, detailed report. Webinar topics include:

  • How are rising CAT risks affecting nationwide property risk?
  • Why are existing property reports not cutting it for P&C insurers?
  • How does climate change impact losses from severe weather?
  • How can new property risk analytics improve your climate resilience?

Athenium Analytics property risk underwriting webinar

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