Dexter - Weather Verification Software for Insurers

Verify hyper-local weather events to quickly settle P&C claims.


Assess storm & peril severity.
Map your property exposures.
Verify insurance claims quickly.

  • See accurate storm data and paths within hours after a severe weather event anywhere in the contiguous US.
  • Upload and overlay portfolio and policy data to enable rapid CAT responses after major storms.
  • Visualize your portfolio to assist with exposure management, loss mitigation and historical loss analysis.
  • Generate hour-by-hour weather reports for key variables like rainfall accumulation, hail size, temperatures, wind speeds and more.

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Verify P&C insurance claims within hours after a storm
Validate severe weather events down to the neighborhood.

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Streamline Your Severe Weather Claims Cycle with Dexter

Dexter is a web-based weather forensics dashboard that helps insurers verify and manage weather-related P&C and crop insurance claims. The Dexter claims tool combines multi-dimensional weather data, hyper-local (0.3 square mile) resolution, and nationwide coverage to deliver the most comprehensive peril verification software available today.

Upload policy and claims data securely into the dashboard to visualize natural hazard events along with local portfolio exposures. Dexter’s core perils include: hail, wind, rain, snow, sleet, and tornadic storms. Optional add-ons include Wildfire and Hurricane tracking.

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