Our team of scientists, engineers and software specialists are constantly reviewing user feedback, feature requests and market use cases to deliver you more value across insurance, finance and construction. New product updates are available every month and are documented in this recurring blog series.

Our newest product releases include big enhancements for our GaugeConstruction users: lightning alerts and push notifications for forecasts are live, as are post-event alerts and radar overlays within the GaugeConstruction mobile app.

Lightning alerts for GaugeConstruction

In one of the most exciting advancements for the GaugeConstruction solution, near-real-time lightning alerts are available, allowing users to track danger zones and get to safety as soon as possible in the event of electrical storms.

Users can activate lightning tracking for any project within the settings menu. Once activated, lightning push notifications can be sent directly to your mobile devices and are immediately documented in the UI with all other post-event alerts. Future enhancements to this lightning feature include map visualizations for each alert and an interactive, nation-wide look at recent lightning activity.

Mobile lightning alerts for construction

Mobile radar overlays & push notifications

When you’re on the job site, minutes matter. Get weather updates sooner with updated push notifications and radar, available now for our beta-testing partners in the GaugeConstruction mobile app.

This is a major step forward, providing users with immediate weather insights to ensure worker safety and help crews be more proactive. Mobile users can enable push notifications from the settings menu and subscribe to their project sites. The alerts are based on the configured forecast and post-event thresholds within each project.

Also new within the GaugeConstruction mobile app, radar overlays in map view are now available from the previous 45 minutes to enhance situational awareness.

GaugeConstruction mobile radar overlays


We look forward to your continued feedback and encourage you to share interesting use cases and feature requests that we can incorporate into our products moving forward. For more details about these new features – or to add new products/perils to your subscription – please reach out to your account manager by email or through our contact page.