Leslie Ann Lopez – Creating History: Women in Tech & Business Leadership at Athenium Analytics

This March we celebrate Women’s History Month by recognizing some of the fantastic women at Athenium Analytics. Our company is so proud to have so many exceptional women across all of our teams, including meteorology, data science, engineering and product management. These women are making history every day by solving some of the toughest problems in the insurtech world. Karlene Kiskinis, Design & Social Media Manager at Athenium Analytics, will be interviewing women all month long and sharing their stories and insights about their careers in tech.


Meet Leslie Ann Lopez. She is the Director of Content Developing & Licensing here at Athenium Analytics. Learn more about how her law degree has played a key role in her success in insurtech.

Name: Leslie Ann Lopez
College / Grad School (and Majors): BA in International Studies with a minor in Public Health; JD at Northeastern University School of Law
Title: Director of Content Development & Licensing
Office: BOS
Time at Athenium Analytics: 2 years in April


What was your very first job?

My first job was in high school and I worked at Panera Bread.

Do you have any advice for women pursuing their career in law?

I am the perfect example of how you can use your legal degree in non-traditional roles. The critical-thinking skills and education you receive with a law degree translate to other industries, especially technology and insurance. Just because a potential job does not necessarily fit the typical uses of a law degree does not mean there aren’t opportunities for you to work in those fields. These industries would benefit by having more women involved, so don’t let the face value of an opportunity stop you from pursuing something that you really want. Let go of those fears and go for it.

What is does your role at Athenium Analytics involve?

My role as Director of Content Development & Licensing involves identifying and acquiring third-party data content to enhance our product and risk model development and managing the licensing process to acquire that data. My role also involves contract review for various types of agreements and other legal related matters.

What unique skills/experiences were you able to bring at Athenium Analytics?

My legal background brought a lot of value to my position and the company. It allowed me to use my organizational and methodical skills that I gained through my legal experience to help identify issues, address any legal implications or related matters and provide solutions that continue to benefit our company.

What do you like most about working for Athenium Analytics?

I really enjoy working in an environment that uses creativity and innovation to provide better solutions for its customers. My coworkers’ tenacity and hard work continue to motivate me so that as a team we best serve not only the interests of our company, but our clients.

Any hidden talents or interesting facts about yourself?

For many years I played the viola, attended a performing arts high school. I was also part of a string quartet.

What is your favorite book/podcast/movie?

My favorite book is The Alchemist.

Stay tuned for more insights from inspiring women at Athenium Analytics!


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