Weather Risk Whitepaper

Wildfire: a growing risk to insurers

Discover why wildfires are a growing risk for insurers ahead

Wildfires have caused tens of billions of dollars in economic losses across the United States over the past ten years. More importantly, the California fires sustained in 2017 and 2018 were the most deadly, destructive and costly in history. Athenium Analytics provides tools to help insurers understand and mitigate wildfire risks across their portfolio. Learn about how we constructed a custom wildfire risk scoring model that incorporates dozens of factors to assess the true risk of wildfires on a hyper-local level.

  • Learn why wildfires are a unique peril for insurers
  • Learn what attributes we consider in our model
  • Learn how our model incorporates 10,000+ years of historical data
  • Learn how the Gauge Wildfire software can help you identify risk moving forward

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