Weather Risk Whitepaper

Verifying hyper-local wind speeds with a new wind algorithm

Creating the proprietary wind speed algorithm used in Dexter weather claims verification

This technical whitepaper from the Athenium Analytics meteorology team discusses the challenges with tracking wind speeds at a granular level and proposes a brand new model to accurately measure hyper-local wind speeds and gusts. Learn about the new 2D wind speed model found in our Dexter weather claims verification software. The whitepaper topics include:

  • The financial impact of straight-line winds & severe convective storms
  • How SCS wind damage is increasingly costly for insurers
  • Why current wind models trusted by insurers offer incomplete data
  • The challenges with measuring wind on a hyper-local level (0.3 square miles)
  • How our proprietary algorithm provides the most accurate and granular wind speed data available today

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