Quality Assurance Whitepaper

Survey results: existing QA tools aren’t cutting it for small carriers – is there a better way?

Five key insights from our 2019 insurance claims QA survey

Dozens of the top 100 insurance carriers use teamthink software to manage sophisticated QA programs involving thousands of handlers, managers and auditors. But at small, regional and specialty carriers, audits may include fewer than 20 people. In many cases, they’re handled by a single claims manager as only a small part of their job.

We wanted to learn more about how smaller carriers manage claims audits, including their tools, processes, and pain-points. The new whitepaper answers:

  • Are claims audits impacting the bottom line at smaller carriers?
  • How many resources are insurers dedicating to quality assurance?
  • What are the most popular tools for managing claims audits?
  • How are small carriers tracking leakage and other key metrics?
  • Is there demand for a new QA automation tool for smaller teams?

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