New Tools to Help Insurers Protect Their Portfolios Against Rising Flood Risks

A new flood risk scoring model to help insurers plan for inland flooding

Floods are among the nation's most significant and expensive natural disasters for insurance companies and their policyholders. Despite advances in flood mitigation techniques, floods are responsible for approximately $8 billion in damages per year.

FEMA offers fragmented and outdated flood zone maps that are failing to keep up with changes in climate trends, rising sea levels and inland river flooding. Because FEMA maps only cover about 60% of the United States, many insurers are turning to next-generation flood models that incorporate robust weather and topographical data for more accurate flood risk underwriting insights.

GaugeFlood is a new flood risk data and scoring software for insurance companies that provides 100% flood coverage across the U.S., including both coastal and river flooding risk data. Learn more about the GaugeFlood software and the powerful new flood risk algorithm that powers it.

  • Learn why FEMA maps are fragmented and out of date.
  • Learn why the private flood insurance market continues to grow.
  • Learn why inland river flooding is becoming increasingly severe.
  • See how GaugeFlood software provides 100% inland flood risk coverage
  • See a full list of geospatial, topographic and flood risk data available inside the software interface.

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