Quality Assurance Whitepaper

Improve insurance QA with automation & predictive analytics

Is your quality assurance software a daily grind?

As insurance carriers adopt touchless claims and artificial intelligence to increase claims efficiency and improve customer satisfaction, it can be difficult for quality assurance teams to keep pace while relying on outdated legacy QA tools. But the fact is, insurance QA software is also evolving to meet the changing needs of claims and underwriting audits.

New advancements in automation and predictive analytics have made claims reviews more efficient and powerful than ever before. If your insurance QA audit software can no longer provide the insights you need to measure and mitigate leakage, it’s time to discover how QA automation can remove the daily grind from your quality assurance processes. Our QA automation whitepaper discusses the following topics:

  • Understand how quality assurance impacts to your teams
  • Audit your current QA software features and pain-points
  • Build a list of features that your QA team needs to succeed
  • Explore common QA tasks and their biggest challenges
  • See how QA automation from teamthink can improve efficiency 

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