Weather Risk Whitepaper

6 steps to improve your catastrophe response plan

Why insurance carriers need better disaster response plans

As climate change continues to affect weather patterns across the country, catastrophic natural disasters are becoming more frequent and costly than ever. Catastrophe response plans (CRPs) are one important way for insurance carriers to help manage and prepare for the next CAT event. A disaster response plan will not only help you deliver more timely and effective support for policyholders during a crisis, but also provide a set of clear and actionable steps to efficiently manage resources before, during and after a catastrophic event.

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  • What type of catastrophe response plan is right for you?
  • What are the most important aspects of an insurance CRP?
  • What departments should be involved in a CAT response plan?
  • Are fraudulent claims more prevalent after CAT events?
  • What tools are essential for any catastrophe response plan? 

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