Improve Vendor Management with a Quality Assurance Program

Do you have tools in place to objectively evaluate your outside vendors?

It’s common for insurers and risk managers to outsource part of the claims process to outside vendors and contractors. Because of that, carriers should have clear processes in place to evaluate the performance of these vendors. Claims quality assurance is essential for building effective claims teams internally, and the same rigor should be applied when evaluating third-party administrators. Do you have a process in place to fairly and systematically evaluate the performance of your outside vendors? This whitepaper provides tips on how to use your existing insurance QA tools to start effectively evaluating outside parties as a part of your routine claims audits. Whitepaper topics include:

  • What’s the best way to assess and benchmark vendor quality?
  • Can you compare vendor performance to internal employees?
  • How do contracts and billing rates factor in to reviews?
  • Should the vendor be involved in the evaluation process?
  • What objective metrics can be used to evaluate TPA performance?

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