Quality Assurance Webinar

Webinar: 5 hurdles to continuous improvement & how to address them

Insurance quality audits can yield insights on everything from financial outcomes and claims health, to performance trends across teams, departments and offices. These audits can also help uncover opportunities for continuous improvement at every level of the organization. But oftentimes, using QA data to drive continuous improvement can be easier said than done. That’s because—even when the tools and motivation are there—hurdles across the organization can make it difficult for QA teams to truly drive change.

In this 50-minute webinar, we’ll discuss the common hurdles QA teams face in driving continuous improvement and provide tips on how to address them within your own organization. The webinar is hosted by Julie Markert (QA Account Manager and insurance veteran) and Mike Bennett (VP of Sales), both of whom work with insurance carriers to implement and evolve their quality programs.

insurance continuous improvement webinar

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