Open Claims Quality Webinar

[Webinar] Claims Signal: Using AI & automated alerts to improve claim outcomes

Join Athenium Analytics and Aon Inpoint as we discuss our exciting new collaboration and launch of the open-claim alerting platform, Claims Signal™. The webinar is hosted by Cyrena-Marie Arnold, VP of Customer Success at Athenium Analytics, and Mike Cummings, Principal and Associate Partner at Aon Inpoint. Cyrena and Mike host a Q&A style session to share details about the collaboration and preview the Claims Signal™ platform, discussing key features and benefits, as well as the development roadmap through the end of the year.

Claims Signal™ is a web-based platform that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to analyze open claim files and provide early alerts to help carriers improve the quality of claims handing. The platform provides automated, open-claim alerts that enable insurers to uncover high-risk claims and provide corrective actions to mitigate those risks earlier in the claims cycle. Discover how Athenium Analytics and Aon Inpoint are building the future of open claims with Claims Signal.

Run time: 53 minutes

Claims Signal open claim audit webinar screenshot

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