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Innovation in the Age of Information

In the United States alone, over one-third of GDP is impacted by weather. Harnessing historic weather and event data, Athenium Analytics builds predictive models to assess changing exposures and new opportunities. Our easy-to-use web apps help carriers, brokers and reinsurers protect their bottom line while growing their top line.

Our Approach

From understanding why underwriting practices have gone awry to predicting natural hazard events, Athenium Analytics uses configurable software platforms and state-of-the-industry data science to get you the answers you need. We draw on vast amounts of data to provide aggregated performance insights to our partners, allowing them to strengthen operational quality and financial outcomes.

Who Uses Us

Our quality assurance, risk assessment and event verification tools give carriers a window into their internal performance and business exposure, highlighting opportunities to expand programs.

Quality Assurance Professionals
Make progress on your leakage rate and targeted claims ratios.

Improve risk selection.

Claim Adjusters & Managers
Assess and triage claims resulting from weather conditions such as our high-resolution hail, rain and wind data.

Make smart pricing decisions with statistically stable, historically based natural hazard risk frequencies and severities across CAT and sub-CAT events.

Be the first to provide specific weather conditions and alerts to policy-holders and aid in their weather mitigation activity.

Optimize your portfolios across sectors, programs and geography. Calculate MPL without the black box. Leverage landfall probabilities from the world’s best hurricane and tropical storm ensemble forecast. Measure attritional losses over time — including those caused by convective systems, floods, and hail.

Decision Support for Insurance



Beacon’s customized weather alerts let insurance companies send messages and alerts to users, from alerting policyholders to move their cars inside during hailstorms to warning store managers of freezing rain that may cause slips and falls.

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Assessing weather risk for underwriting can be difficult and tedious. Gauge allows insurers to strengthen their business portfolio by providing enhanced analysis of weather risk for multiple perils in an easy-to-use online application.

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teamthink optimizes the claims and underwriting QA review processes to deliver valuable organizational insights that lead to profitable operational change.

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A forensic claims tool designed for insurance professionals, Dexter represents an innovative new method of verifying weather-related P&C and crop insurance claims.

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Underwriting and renewing property policies requires up-to-date information about the structures and property. IRIS uses patent pending machine vision techniques to get property data most associated with potential claims into the hands of underwriters while they’re making decisions.

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Global Weather Data for Global Markets

We know variability in weather conditions can significantly impact you and your client’s business. No matter your focus, we are dedicated to improving your operations through advanced weather intelligence. Our portfolio of global, proprietary datasets enables enhanced historical risk assessment, provides actionable market knowledge, and includes state-of-the-art weather forecasts.

Risk Transfer Markets

No two weather risks are alike. With our granular, historical weather data, you can structure risk transfer vehicles specific to your unique needs. We help to limit basis risk by providing reliable data at high temporal and spatial resolutions. Of our 29,000+ global stations, our current clients find the subset of hourly and gap-free METAR stations particularly useful in assessing specific risks. More complex risk structures may require our proprietary, gridded dataset, which includes over 250 unique variables at 19 mile resolution (also hourly and gap-free). The historical and forecast data is easily accessible via API, updated up to four times daily. Use our resolution and proprietary variables to expand your risk transfer capabilities.

Commodity Markets

From the price of corn futures to gasoline at your local station, weather can play a pivotal role in energy and agriculture markets. Having all the weather information you need at the click of a button can mean dollars in your pocket. Weather-related energy demand fluctuates by day, month, and year. We provide data in the formats you need, including Heating Degree Day, Cooling Degree Day, Actual Meteorological Year and Typical Meteorological Year. Our 5 mile satellite-derived precipitation dataset gives insight into atmospheric conditions in key growing regions. The ensemble hurricane model built by our in-house experts delivers a 10-day forecast to provide advanced notice for impacts on gasoline refineries, orange groves, and natural gas rigs. Gain an edge with unique weather intelligence.

Decision Support for Finance



The best financial decisions are based on the best historical data. Track more than 250 historical and forecast meteorological variables down to 1 kilometer granularity in some areas. See weather in greater detail, and make more confident financial decisions.

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