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Insurance QA Audit Solutions for Claims and Underwriting Reviews

Metrics rule: knowing what your staff is doing is important; knowing how and why is vital to changing it for the better.


Maximize the performance of every team member.

Quality matters: Your brand - and your business - are on the line with every service you deliver to your customers.

If you understand the issues that may be limiting quality, and if you can supply your associates and their supervisors with objective feedback that can be turned into an actionable game plan, then you can win the day - regardless of the hurdles that you face.

For over ten years, Athenium has delivered best practice measurement solutions that our customers apply to improve the performance of their associates.  Athenium's teamthink suite measures what matters in the alignment of behaviors with strategic goals and best practices.

We deliver the detailed information that our customers use to effectively deliver great performances throughout their organization. Executives, managers, supervisors, and line personnel that leverage Athenium's quality measurement solutions have the means at hand to “measure for success”, improve customer attachment, reduce costly errors, and enhance profitability.  The result: sustainable competitive advantage.