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Insurance QA Audit Solutions for Claims and Underwriting Reviews

Join leading insurers who partner with Athenium.

Claims and Underwriting QA results drive performance improvement.

Athenium's full range of flexible, scalable quality assurance solutions go well beyond other QA review tools available for insurance organizations. We ensure that our clients can use their teamthink insurance audit solutions to improve their entire QA process, support performance improvement, and solve larger business objectives.

Our Claims customers decrease loss cost and indemnity, reduce operating costs, are more productive, and achieve greater customer satisfaction.

Our Underwriting customers better understand performance issues, improve decisions about risk selection, and reduce their loss ratio.

Athenium's Claims and Underwriting QA solutions deliver results that matter.

  • Refine best practices to meet Claims, Underwriting, and other business objectives.
  • Systematically measure performance and analyze the scores against your best practices.
  • Develop reviewer questionnaires that fully support your specific Quality Assurance goals.
  • Increase productivity with questionnaires that display only pertinent information based on the facts of the file.
  • Gain instant access to reports that provide greater insight into the performance of individuals, groups, and processes.
  • Link performance problems directly to their financial outcomes.
  • Accurately prioritize and determine how to address performance improvement issues.
  • Increase QA audit productivity and accuracy.
  • Have confidence in consistent, reliable reviews.
  • Provide objective feedback on performance improvement challenges.
  • Understand the performance of individuals and groups.
  • Continuously improve individual, team, and organizational performance.
  • Trust in a secure web-based Insurance QA solution.
  • Utilize easy-to-use standard or customized questionnaires.
  • Count on accurate data collection, integration, and analytics.
  • Schedule reports or view them on-demand.
  • Apply a robust, flexible access control mechanism.
  • Thoroughly customize reports for QA and managers at all levels.
  • Directly link performance issues to their financial impact.
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Audit questionnaires capture the links between specific behaviors and financial outcomes. The efficiency, consistency, and effectiveness of Quality Assurance audits are improved with questionnaires that adapt to the circumstances of the file under review.

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Flexible on-demand reporting can create any desired view of information for an individual file to long-term trends over time for an entire company. Actionable feedback leads to desired performance improvement of individuals, teams, and organizations.

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Data Analysis

Identify major root causes of leakage with the ability to drill down on specific individual or team behaviors. Explore correlations within results to help design effective remediations.

teamthink for Claims: Turn existing claim audits into systematic performance improvement with measurable financial outcomes.

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teamthink for Underwriting: Improve risk selection with a reinforced quality process, consistent evaluation, improved performance, and better decision-making.

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