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Insurance QA Audit Solutions for Claims and Underwriting Reviews

Essential components create a powerful QA system.

teamthink Core Components

teamthink is the unsurpassed performance improvement solution for quality assurance professionals in the insurance industry. Working together, the core components that comprise teamthink optimize the QA process with fully customizable reviewer questionnaires, robust reporting capabilities, complete questionnaire authoring tools, and more. teamthink Core Components include:

teamthink Reviewer: Powerful, user-friendly questionnaires capture detailed performance information.
teamthink Reporter: Easy-to-customize reports provide insightful information and managerial feedback.
teamthink Author: Maximum QA control over questionnaire development increases efficiency and flexibility.

teamthink Reviewer:

teamthink Reviewer efficiently collects and organizes all the information from completed Claims and Underwriting QA review questionnaires and instantly analyzes the results in detail. With teamthink, QA audit information is comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date, without the hassle of tedious manual processes.

  • Gain efficiency and save time.
    • Assures consistent reviews for central QA and field offices.
    • Instantly pre-fills responses with all available information from teamthink.
    • Automatically skips over questions that are not relevant to the file.
    • Delivers automatic warnings if a possible problem exists.
    • Includes complete support for secondary reviews by managers.

  • Get results you can trust.
    • Identify the root causes of performance issues.
    • See the direct financial consequences of performance issues.
Reviewer Product Sheet

teamthink Reporter:

teamthink Reporter delivers detailed, meaningful results that enable QA and business managers to accurately address performance issues. Reporter includes a standard set of convenient, user-friendly reports that can be easily modified. Reporter's superb flexibility also enables the creation of highly customized reports that meet the unique needs of your company's QA organization, business supervisors, and other managers. Each report can be distributed on a regular, periodic basis, or run on-demand, any time you need them.

  • Create relevant, easy-to-read reports.
    • Easily identify specific challenges for individual employees.
    • Aggregate files to view performance by office, unit, or other group.
    • Conveniently view quality scores, leakage, issues, cycle times, and comments.
    • Appropriately limit report access for each user.
    • Receive an automated warning if a possible problem with the data exists.

  • Instantly view reports in a convenient format.
    • Easily reconfigure our standard reports, or fully customize them as needed.
    • Generate reports by office, state, audit data, payout, or other values.
    • Distribute reports in PDF format for managers or in Excel for use by business analysts.
    • View any report on-demand, or schedule reports on a one-time or repeating basis.
    • Send reports to a teamthink inbox, or send an email notification.
Reporter Product Sheet

teamthink Author:

teamthink Author enables QA to customize standard teamthink questionnaires, manage existing QA questionnaires, or even create new ones. Making rapid changes to reviewer questionnaires, rather than waiting in the IT queue, provides QA with greater control and increased efficiency.

  • Speed the questionnaire development process.
    • Empower your own quality assurance staff to implement questionnaire modifications.
    • Meet QA deadlines for new questionnaires, without waiting for other organizational projects to be completed.
    • Leverage QA resources and eliminate the delays caused by waiting in the IT queue.

  • Increase QA flexibility to meet changing needs.
    • Adapt standard teamthink Claims and Underwriting questionnaires for your specific needs.
    • Create questionnaires that display only the pertinent questions, for speed and ease-of-use.
    • Customize questionnaires in a broad range of areas, including custom scoring algorithms.

The complete teamthink QA solution for Claims and Underwriting